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  • Alek

    as with MTB’s can you get a longer crown to axle carbon fork for a road bike? Mine measures 390mm along the length (no vertical)

    I’m looking at another build but the head tube on my existing frame is 145mm and the other frame is smaller and only 100mm (ish)


    Are you comparing like with like with your head tube measurements i.e. is one for an external headset and one for an integrated headset as this could account for a 20-30mm difference.

    I believe all road forks are the same axel to crown or at least those that use standard 49mm drop dual pivot brakes. Otherwise the brakes wouldn’t align with the rims.

    I have road frames with 110mm and 145mm integrated headsets and use more spacers on one. It is about at the limit of looking sensible without rotating the stem which for a 100-110mm stem assuming 6 degrees could make a 20mm difference in bar height.


    Not yet seen the other frame so just going by measurements via mail.

    I’ll check if integrated like my own, but one is a 53 and the other a 49!

    most dual pivot-type forks will be around 390, as you say

    cyclocross-type forks with bosses tend to be longer – usually about 400mm.

    Above that you’re in mtb fork territory eg. the Trigon carbon disc fork is 420mm.

    If the head tube is too low then your better off fitting a chunk of spacers and an upright stem, to get the bars up. Longer forks will simply slow the steering down.


    Think the frame is going to be compromised by the low front ended and decided to leave it. Will shorten my existing stem and get an inline seatpost, which should be cheaper too.

    Thanks for the advice STW.


    alek, you shouldnt ‘adjust’ your bar height by fitting longer forks, that will just fook up the geometry of the frame. If you wanted the bars at the same height as your current frame just fit a higher rise stem.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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