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  • road rage incident… much anger.
  • Premier Icon ton

    just been out for a nice 20 miler on the canal with the wife.
    last half mile is on a lane to our house, it has a 30mph matrix which lights up as you enter the house.
    so we are about 20 yds after the matrix, riding 2 abreast when a car comes speeding up from behind, papping the horn like someone possessed
    I put my thumb up to let him know that I know he is there. he pulls up along side us and starts the volley of abuse, about us breaking the law for riding 2 abreast,about us breaking the law for not wearing helmets and hi viz clothing.
    I point out to him, that not of these points are valid in the uk.
    he just carrys on ranting, swearing and getting madder and madder, all the time with his wife and kids in the car with him.
    I point out that he is a stupid foolish man for acting in such a way, this ignites the touch paper, he jumps out of the car and comes storming up to me, right into my face, telling me he is gonna effing deck me.
    I just laugh at him, telling him he is a fool and he needs to read the highway code, this annoys him more and he pushes me in the chest, I just laugh at him right in his face telling him he is a complete fool.

    while this has been going on, a bit of a crowd has gathered, cos he has stopped his car right in the middle of the road, and my neighbour happened to be coming home from work, and has stopped his van in the road.
    all the time this has been going on, I have remained calm and controlled, even when he pushed me.
    so he is still in my face ranting, with me just telling him he is a ill informed idiotic man, when he turns to my neighbour and starts ranting at him, say, what the f are you looking at, f off or I will smack you. my neighbour just laughs and tells him that is is legal to cycle 2 abreast on any road.
    the bloke looked like he was gonna pop, his wife told him to get back in his car, and his parting shot, was that he knew where we both lived and he would be paying us a visit.

    seriously, there are some dangerous ill informed people driving about. how do these people get a licence.


    Hope you got the reg?

    Report him, multiple witnesses, he’ll get a slap on the wrist, but his card will be marked for next time.

    plus one

    Seeing more of this type of behaviour aimed at cyclists 🙁

    Sounds like a right tool reckon he will feel a right prick after realising he’s acted like a tosser in front of his kids !!

    Premier Icon mattjg

    that’s obviously a very unhappy man with a rubbish life, which means you won.

    (report him)


    That’s mental. Well done for staying calm.

    Sorry to hear this. You did absolutely the right thing.

    If you’ve got the reg report him. The police can’t do much but they will definitely pay him a visit and “advise” him, then ring you or come round to tell you how it went.

    Matt G is right. Unhappy man and rubbish life. I do feel sorry for his kids. Very sorry for them.



    Well done for keeping calm… please can you teach me how to do this!!

    Unfortunately this situation would have seen me getting in a fight


    Definately report him,stupidity like that he shouldnt be allowed a shopping trolley at the coop.

    Please tell us he wasnt driving an AUDI,also next time top tip,have a look at the number plate, if its a lease car, then the lease companys name will be on the plate, and an email to them pointing out what happened and could they please contact the company works wonders.


    Well done, Ton.
    Get him reported.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    The pushing me by my chest bit would have done it for me I’m afraid.
    Well done for staying calm Ton.


    Pushing him in the chest?

    I would need a stepladder to do that to Ton – I’ve met him – so I think this IS deranged behaviour!


    Ton’s a liar.

    The guy is under his patio.


    Ton, being the perfect gentleman, invited the chap round for Sunday dinner.

    Fist Pie is always on the menu at Ton Towers 😉


    all the time with his wife and kids in the car with him

    Calmly walk over to his kids in his car and say….

    ‘do the world a favor and don’t grow up like your dad’


    Well done for keeping calm Ton

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    A brave fella to start shoving you around Tony…
    Good on you for not “showing him the error of his ways..”

    Well done for keeping calm. I never can, and end up ranting back at them, making so sense at all. And then afterwards I think of all these cool thing I could have said, if only I had stayed calm.

    Let’s hope his missus gave him hell afterwards.


    Report him please before he hits someone else. What a moron. The kids are probably screwed with that as a role model.

    Recently I thought things were getting better, but today’s club ride was a procession of daft overtakes (cars the other way having to stop) and being driven at by cars from the other side of the road.
    I guess we have to accept angry aggressive idiots in society but we really need to stop them getting driving licences…

    I can only imagine laughing in his face did nothing to help the situation. Surely it’s easier to try and avoid conflict then report it to the rozzers?


    Nice to see people breeding with vegetables isn’t confined to my neck of the woods.


    Calmly walk over and deck his kids…

    Always take the point of least resistance.

    Oh, and Ton is Sam Allardyce, and I claim my fish pie.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    The push in the chest was assault (or was it battery?). The threat to come back and do you again was a threat to do the same again or worse.

    Report him. Don’t risk him being a complete nutter. He needs a word in his shell like to explain just how out of order he was, before he takes it out on you or someone else. In a similar situation the driver who pushed me around got a caution, and a repeat offence within x months would have been straight to court.

    And the correct response is “I hope you don’t kiss those kids with that foul mouth!”

    As you say Ton, so much anger for absolutely nothing. People generally seem so quick to completely lose control at the most insignificant things. I’m glad that people like you ton, can maintain composure and decorum to remind these idiots just how pathetic they actually are.


    Ton – How big was this guy? He must have balls the size of the moon to jump out of the car to square up with a guy the size of you!!


    It is always best to laugh at idiots, not worth stooping to their level and it never achieves anything. Well done Ton.

    I also quite like it when tough guys like this realise they are all mouth and no trousers and use their partners as a way out/ get bossed around by their partners. As others have said I hope she sorts him out for the kids sake.


    I have to agree with all above, report. I was in two minds after a recent situation. The police in Bristol dealt with it very well. Got the driver in for an interview (he lived a long way from Bristol apparently) he now has his licence and reg on file so if there are any more road rage incidents it will get dealt with more seriously. Plus his boss had to be told as it was a company car. (Now with dents in)

    Premier Icon garage-dweller


    Please do report him (I am guessing you will). there are some properly unhinged people out there on the roads at the minute.


    Well done for keeping your cool Ton. Reporting him may inflame the situation further (remember he does know your address) so prob. best not to do anything IMO. Let sleeping dogs lie, claim the moral high-ground and he’ll get his comeuppance one day Im sure

    Reporting him may inflame the situation further (remember he does know your address)

    Yes. That’s the bulldog spirit. Stay silent or the nasty man might do it again. You should give up cycling, in case you see him on the road again. Best if you move house, too, because he might live local.


    Great ideas Hebden – wish Id thought of those as well

    Premier Icon ton

    to be honest, I don’t think I will be reporting him. the wife was a bit upset with him saying he knew where I lived, but if he comes round (which I don’t think he will) I shall greet him in a rather different manner than I dealt with today’s incident.


    seriously ton, report him,

    if he behaves like this to you, what about the next time? to someone else.

    In my opinion it is never just once, someone like this needs dealing with before they kill someone. I am serious he will do something stupid and someone will get hurt, just the type of person.

    The push in the chest was assault (or was it battery?). The threat to come back and do you again was a threat to do the same again or worse.

    Nope the verbals and the in the face attitude are enough alone to constitute an assault, there doesn’t need to be physical contact, the fact that he even touched you constitutes physical assault.


    I got told the other week off a white van drivers passenger after he cut me up on a roundabout,he could have killed me if he hit me that im a cyclist and I deserve it for riding on the road.


    Although you probably just want to forget about it, I would definitely report it. The next person he intimidates or assaults might be a lot more shaken up than you were (as it sounds like your wife was). There is absolutely no way his behaviour was acceptable. If he were really stupid enough to knock on your door then this only incriminates him further (and I’ve heard your front door step is icy and people have been slipping and falling recently… and people have been prone to walking in to the end of the door, etc 😉 )

    Report it.
    For all you know, this tool might just decide to teach the next cyclist he encounters a lesson.

    After reading this, and the seeming spate of road rage threads recently, I’ll be reporting any encounter that happens to me.


    I wouldn’t report it.
    Just a bit of handbags – the guy probably just had sand in his fanny or something.
    You dealt with it well. Forget it. Move on.

    If this @rsehole has the front to have a go at someone your size, Ton, what might he do to your average-sized cyclist who weighs three eighths of bugger-all?

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Report it. Especially the threat to return and pay you a visit. At worst, they’ll pay him a visit and give him some advice, at best he’ll be good to his word and come round.

    And then, having been threatened already, and having told the police that you’re concerned what he might do, you’ll be entirely in your right to get your retaliation in first and help him understand what a tasty pie really tastes like. Self defence, innit 😉

    In reality, he must have really seen red, cos picking a fight with a man mountain like Ton clearly isn’t normal. It’s practically suicide by cop, but in an altogether longer and more painful way!! Hopefully he’s sat at home shitting himself worried that you might be paying the visit now he’s calmed down.

    Premier Icon imnotverygood

    What it also shows is that car/bike confrontations don’t just occur because both parties are being stupidly aggressive, or that they only happen to helmet cam warriors….


    I’m very placid, but at some point I’d have punched him, or, more likely, kicked his headlights out.

    To be fair, well done to Ton for remaining calm but I’d 100% report him. Especially with witnesses.


    If this @rsehole has the front to have a go at someone your size, Ton, what might he do to your average-sized cyclist who weighs three eighths of bugger-all?

    My thoughts exactly. If this whole thing happened to me (certainly not a Ton man mountain) I’d be properly shaken up and probably fear getting out on the bike for a while at best and be pretty unhappy to be anywhere near home at worst. This isn’t the normal few swear words directed at someone from the comfort of their car- this went way beyond that. If this guy behaved like this to your wife by herself would you be so content to let it go?


    Sorry but if someone lays a hand on me there game for crack there is no way I could of stayed as calm as you did well done sir.


    reporting it doesn’t necessarily mean the police do anything, it can just go on record in case of future incidents (either him in his car or him going round to Ton’s house).

    I had a neighbour threaten to burn the house down in the night. I reported it, coppers said they didn’t have previous complaints about him, we agreed that no action was needed (as it would only have caused more aggro) but it was now on record in case I or anyone else had problems with the same bloke.

    I’ve never met Ton, but going by the number of people that have mentioned that he’s built like a brick outhouse makes me wonder something.

    Do you think that your road rage prone, cyclist hating driver thinks that all cyclists are puny weeds? Even when evidence to the contrary is stood right in front of them?
    Thats quite some level of cognitive dissonance.

    On a list of people you probably wouldn’t pick a fight with, I reckon Tony is just underneath Chuck Norris and on an equal with Trevor from GTA.

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