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    Or he could have been a banker Fred? That’s who we calibrate our moral compass from in this country nowadays, it seems. They seem to possess the correct principles we should all aspire too 🙄


    I think the reality is that people are too lazy to actually go out and graft for a normal wage and they make a conscious choice to become a drug dealing scumbag (or commit other crimes) in order to get a large tax free income for minimal hours work/effort, whilst still probably claiming £££s in benefits from the hard working taxpayers.


    no really thats just how it happens.

    RIP Smiley


    why do you think I objected to anything in your post, after all it’s based on thin air like….like half the other posts on this thread that are speculating on what happened in the house

    Right – I’m in favour of more facts (or, at least, assertions) and less speculation, which is why I anticipated more becoming known through the IPCC investigation, leaks/releases from the police and CPS, and any trials that will still take place. There has, hopefully, learned from past injuries and deaths in raids/arrest/custody where lies, obfuscation, poor communication and delay in releasing facts can undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system and the police.

    Being hopelessly naive, I put stock in the coronial/IPCC process. Others won’t. And still others will be pleased to hear that there’s one fewer of “those people” driving around in “their cars” that they’ve bought with a large tax free income for minimal work/effort, whilst still probably claiming £££s in benefits…


    Forgot about this thread, good to see that the morally outraged are still in residence…


    I’m not morally outraged Lodders.

    In fact, I can relate to what yer saying, actually.

    But you’re making the mistake that some folk on here might have half a clue about what goes on in the world outside of their safe protective little bubble and beyond the limited sphere of their experience…


    Don’t worry mate, I know you know, if you know what I mean, or something….

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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