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  • Riding near Dunfermline
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    Does anyone know any decent riding locations around Dunfermline? A new-rider colleague is heading up there for the weekend and taking his bike.

    Nothing too mental as he’s only been riding for a couple of months.



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    blairadam woods just north of dunfermaline. there is stuff in there. Lomond hills.

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    Riding in Dunf is thin on the ground in my opinion, but…

    Blairadam. 5 minutes by car. Mix of fire roads, paths and some trails if you know where to find them (go off teh paths into the trees).

    Lochore Meadows country park has some new trails. 15 minutes by car. Perfectly flat and quite tame I think. All man made.

    Dean Plantation. Small forest West of Dunfermline (Gowkhall), some natural trails gently undulating and can be reached by cycling 5-10mins along the West Fife Cycle path from the town centre.

    Braefoot Bay. 10mins by car (Dalgety Bay/Aberdour). DH trails and jumps but nothing particularly steep although some big tricks and jumps if you fancy trying them.

    Pitmedden Forest. North Fife, 30mins by car. Awesome natural trail network but you’d really need shown around, its a huge area.

    Falkland DH Trails. North/Central Fife. Crazy-ass DH and big hucks and jumps. Not for the first timers or feint hearted and not in the wet either.

    Other than that further afield to Pentlands, Carron Valley or the Borders.

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    Oh yeah. As TJ says, The Lomond Hills are a good bet too but again, 30mins away from Dunfermline so transport is needed.

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    There is also Devilla forest over by Kincardine, not technical but a few trails in the woods. Good for practicing your navigation

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    Devilla used to have a few nice (but not technical) trails but a lot of them have been lost through logging or replaced by some new wide, surfaced trails. There’s still some nice bits but not enough to make much of a ride out of them.

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    Cheers gents. Think he’s going to have a go at Carron Valley on the Saturday and then do a couple of the more local ones on the sunday.

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