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  • AKA Elro Distribution.
  • silasgreenback
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    After no end of problems with hope v4’s I switched to Cura-X brakes about 18months ago and never looked back. Truly outstanding brakes.

    Scroll forward and a move to an e-bike with seriously underpowered brakes and i have to praise Paul at Formula UK.

    Absolutely fantastic service, support and advice and really quick delivery.

    Formula uk were part of geometron but now separated & trading under the name Elro Distribution.

    I’d whole heartedly recommend them for service. For once its nice to be able to pick up the phone and not have to deal with a chat bot or bog standard call centre type response. That in itself is almost enough to persuade me to buy! And its nice to chew the fat sbout bikes in general!!

    Anyway, if you’re on the fence for new brakes I’d seriously consider formula for the all round package – great brakes and excellent support should you need it.

    Especially as my new bike Shimano brake out of the box with uncut lines are so full of air i can pull the lever back to the bars without even moving the piston. But thats another story.

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    I’ll check them out. Thanks.

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    Do you have a number for them as I can’t see anything on website?

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    Another recommendation from me. Super quick response and great customer service. Costs a little more than the European sellers but worth it for the great service and peace of mind.

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    Paul at Elro is a top guy, really helpful.
    Just drop him am email if you want anything Formula.

    ring him on 01685555874

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    Good to know there’s UK support, and hopefully someone to explain the different cartridges for the Mod shock.

    If customer service meets Mojo levels, they’ll be top-tier.

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    my buddies just got some Cura 2’s and 4’s. they are impressed!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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