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  • Premier Icon Andy_Sweet
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    I’ve always used Ride with GPS to create routes for my GPS. Today when I’ve tried to do this it’s asking me to upgrade to premium (I use it infrequently so don’t really want to start a subscription). I’ve never had this before. The website seems to indicate that you can use the free version to create a route…. Anyone else use this and had similar problems.

    Alternatively, suggestions for alternatives ( I use a Garmin if that’s relevant)

    Premier Icon ajantom
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    Seems to have been fixed (for now).
    Very easy to create and export GPS routes.

    Premier Icon whatgoesup
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    It works for me as a free user – I just made a quick test to see and all is good.

    There are some fancier features you have to pay for but I’ve never felt the need.

    Premier Icon Andy_Sweet
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    Working again! Must have just been having a minute! Thanks

    Premier Icon belugabob
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    Garmin Basecamp, with the TalkyToaster maps is a good desktop alternative

    The maps are available as a free version, but a yearly subscription isn’t too much, and I like to support the developer, as he’s independent and a good guy.
    You can have the same maps on your desktop and your Garmin, so that things match up nicely.

    Premier Icon anagallis_arvensis
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    Haven’t used rwgps for a while, I use Strava, but that costs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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