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  • justme

    Anyone ridden it and can give any constructive comments or pointers please.
    How does it compare to the rangers etc


    Many years ago i carried a bike up it.

    Probably wouldn’t bother again 🙂

    No idea what it would ride like going down.

    You’ll be doing a fair bit of walking from the summit, it’s not Crib Goch, but the path is fairly precarious in places, and narrow so passing folk would be tricky. I havent ridden it, but might try sometime now that I have ridden the Ranger Path, which is excellent.


    I’ve ridden it last Winter.
    First section from summit is a walk, or at least it was in snow.
    The rest is a very nice descent, quite exposed but mostly not technically challenging.
    Comparable to Rangers. Maybe a few walking sections but generally an excellent descent IMHO.

    Be careful though in Winter conditions, I had an OTB and only just managed to self-arrest myself plus bike on a short, steep snowslope. Another 6 feet or so and I’d have been over the cliff edge and coming home in a bodybag.


    They did it in the magazine not thaaaat log ago. Can’t remember quite what they said but as above some walking, some techy some not so?


    Start of Rhyd ddu

    Very techy in places.

    It’s pronounced ‘Rith Dee’. Aside from that, I can offer no information. Carry on.

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    The dude on the Cube hardtail, whoever you are, go on my son.

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    trickydisco – Member
    Start of Rhyd ddu

    Very techy in places.

    OMG! You’re on a Hardtail! I assume you were completely killed to death on the way down and buried on the mountain in a shallow grave marked just with a bent deraillure…………. 😉

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    We’ve been at the summit and thought about doing it. The strong winds put me off, it was also quite busy that day. Did Rangers instead.


    I went down it 18 months ago.

    The first section of rocks (only 10m or so) from the visitor centre are un ridable. Then (after the earth path the riders in the photo are on) you have to traverse a rabbit path on the side of a ridge with the bike in your hand and (not enough room to shoulder)it’s a shear drop down to the left (you can see the route going over the top on the photo to where it then drops and hugs the side). After that it goes off to the right on a wide moon scape (the ridge you can see off to the right in the photo) before heading down the remainder. The remainder is made up of former mine workings so there’s a lot of huge boulders that aren’t all ridable hence you’re on off quite a bit (even on the ridable ones I ended up knocking my rear wheel out of it’s QR). The last section to the main road was a bit of a bog then a farm track (nothing special). Having done all that you then have to do the tight & steep switch back climb to get half way back up Maesgwn and then do the bike hike you normally do after the Rangers.

    Original question what how does it compare to Rangers, answer = not a patch on it and hardly worth doing (apart from to tick off a list maybe), and don’t even attempt it in high winds (as I did and nearly died).

    A better challenge would be to do the double. Llanberis up, Lllanberis down (to the gate), Lllanberis up to the Rangers; Rangers & Maesgwn down. Now that’s worth doing.

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