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  • Reverb AXS – long term anyone?
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    So I got bit by the wireless bug when GX AXS came out and I do rather like it. It works very well and I love the lack of cable; even though changing a cable on the Spur is a doddle but still! It looks very clean and got me wondering about the Reverb AXS. They top out at 170mm currently which is a tad less than I’ve become accustomed too with a 180mm OneUp post but I’ve had regular Reverbs on every bike previous to this… Anyone had one long enough to comment on durability, servicing etc? I would ask if they’re worth it, but the answer to that is obvious, probably not! All the same, I’m intrigued to try one!

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    I have one and love it, although I try forget how much it cost!

    Although it’s about 10 months old, I’ve not ridden the bike with it on more than 3 times since so don’t have anything solid to report.

    It does work really well though and I even picked the bike up by the saddle with it down the other day.

    The post moved up about 2 inches and I wondered if it would then be all squishy.

    It wasn’t and still works perfectly. The other normal reverb I have is squishy because of this, so points to the axs version. I believe newer normal ones might have addressed the issue though.

    All in all it’s great if you can justify the cost.

    I’m thinking of going to the axs shifting, so the opposite to you. Lol.
    Like the feel of Shimano shifters though, so holding off for now.

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    Fit to bike, forget, change battery every now and again. That’s about it really. Best dropper I’ve had by far, although it should be at that price of course. 18 months in and the only thing I have done is to make sure I twizzle it in the frame occasionally – getting this one stuck really would be painful!

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    Mine has been fantastic, about 20 months ownership, been serviced once – didn’t ‘need’ it but fork and shock were getting done and I figured it would be sensible to get post done.

    No issues and although I’ve ‘only’ got 150mm drop, I’m not seeing any need for any more – I’ve got long arms and legs though so I can move around the bike ok. Suspect the shorter limbed people need more drop so they can get it out the way but I reckon they must be very short limbed to need so much drop. However, each to their own and if they need that amount of drop then fair enough…I don’t have that issue which is probably why I don’t get the need for more drop.

    Firmware updates are a doddle, battery charge lasts months (depends on how often you use it I suppose though). It apparently has an ANT+ protocol so theoretically, you could connect post to your device and it would record how much use the post has had. Issue with that is, no device has the dropper protocol yet, so nothing records the usage.

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