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  • Retro HiFi
  • redmex

    They are currently boxed but take up a load of space, I know very little about loudspeakers but didn’t think you could do too much damage to them other than blowing them up
    The Sony amp is 70w/channel into 4ohm
    Speaker 25-100w 8ohm compatible
    Not sure what that means but guessing my amp should be up for the job


    Another chance to share the sofa! And the ELS 63’s, of course. But mostly the sofa.


    Mission m33i speakers

    They review well. What’s the source? How are they positioned? I had a pair of M31i which were tiny things but sounded great. I swapped them for a pair of Cerwin Vega xl6 for the kitchen / dining room and they sure kick!

    Premier Icon beanum

    Actually, I just really want them to start making amps again with VU meters

    Yamaha were listening…

    Yamaha unveils a trio of analogue-only stereo amps with VU meters


    Anyone want to try them out ?

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    @reggiegasket sorry, I am going to hang on to them for the moment.

    no probs

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    I am not a particularly discerning listener compared to friends who are hifi buffs, but I have always had a descent set up. My current set up is markedly better than anything I have had before.

    Marantz PM6006 amp sounds crisp and powerful.
    Q Accoustics floorstanders sound much better all round than my B&W DM602s. B&Ws are quite flash for kitchen speakers.
    Projekt turntable
    Tibo DAB reciever
    Bluetooth thingamajig

    Retro gigi can be beautiful if maintained, but like retro mountain bikes they aren’t as good as modern kit. And yes I do still want Leek Stereo 20 monoblocks, but I’d prefer a new Croft valve set up.


    Those yamahas are nice, couple of euro websites have prices for the lowest spec at around 1700 quid

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    The speakers that came with a Sony hifi stereo system in 1989, our family’s first CD player, with twin tape decks, FM receiver and a turntable, those speakers, old, faithful friends of thirty years or more…. those old, anonymous, anodyne friends have just started to sound a bit blown and fuzzy, and I am so sad. 🙁

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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