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  • pk-ripper

    Why, oh why can they not link their website stock levels to what they actually have in their warehouse? It’s an inherently simple pick / stock level system, but no, pretty much every online order I’ve made in the last year from all but Amazon and Play has shown as in stock. Then when it comes to delivery – they don’t have it in stock.

    I’m actually hoping this particular furniture supplier I’ve had to deal with over the last week will go out of business now for the pathetic way they’ve dealt with it and the string of excuses they’ve made.


    Premier Icon chakaping

    I ordered a DVD box set for my wife from Amazon for Xmas.

    Two weeks before the 25th was plenty of time for them, but it didn’t come.

    Now they are estimating late June for delivery.


    The “inherently simple” upgrade to their system is actually likely to be rather an expensive & complicated one, judging by attempts to setup such systems I’ve seen in the recent past.
    Has to be linked into their accounting software packages, requires a whole heap of barcoding work to be done, and change to their stock control/delivery methods…

    Agreed though – chuffin annoying when websites don’t do it, i actually avoid some that don’t have realtime data shown.


    A good way to catch some of those ‘lost sales’ though. Call me a cynic but if half your backorders dont cancel thats money caught that you wouldnt have seen….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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