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  • Restrap bike bags any good?
  • jonnyyeti

    I am looking at getting into bike packing (offroad) so I need to get some bags.

    I like the look of Restrap but not heard much about them, does anybody have any first hand experience with them?

    I was looking at Alpkit but prefer the look of restrap particularly the designs for the saddle bag and the bar bag.


    I got a handlebar tech bag,the catch/buckle thing pinged off in NZ, so had to last up something. They sent some for when I got back, but not a good design but agood bag overall.

    Tech bag

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    I have a frame bag for my Arkose. It’s well put together and the attention to detail is good, in the materials that have been used. Zips feel a bit stiff but it all feels pretty robust.


    I’ve had the small frame bag for a few months. No complaints so far although the wedge shape does necessitate careful packing.


    I’ve got a couple of the frame bags. I rate them highly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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