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  • Replacing SRAM GXP BB
  • Premier Icon somouk
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    My SRAM GXP BB is getting very grindy and needs replacing, looking at pictures they look very similar to a Shimano BB, could I get away with a shimano BB in my frame or will it always have to be a SRAM GXP?

    The frame is a T129S.


    Premier Icon scaled
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    The frame with be a 67-73 mm BB shell which will take most BBs, the bit that will be BB specific is your cranks.

    You could just get a hope BB and fit the GXP converters to keep running your existing cranks.

    Premier Icon smatkins1
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    As Scaled has said, The crank which fits your GXP bottom bracket won’t fit a Shimano bottom bracket.

    You could run a Hope or Chris King one with an adapter if you want something which will last longer. If not it’s another GXP BB.

    You could try removing the seals and flushing some fresh grease in.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    +1 for hope with the adapter, 18 months in and happy on mine.

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    +1 more for hope and GXP converter. The SRAM ones just creak when they are not grinding. It gives so much pleasure on a ride not to have the bike creaking like an old gate all the time. I now have to sort out why I creak all the time. Do hope do people upgrades as well? 😀

    Premier Icon deadkenny
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    £20 for a Team GXP BB. Bin the old, slap on a new one. Job done.

    Also, get a rubber o ring the width of the gap on the drive side between dust cap and crank, and diameter of the crank spindle. Stick it in that gap when reassembling. That will stop the cap from working its way out and letting crud in. Though I’ve found some do that and some don’t.

    My GXP BBs last a good 2 to 3 years.

    Premier Icon somouk
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    It does seem to have died very quickly and is grinding terribly.

    Sounds like its either a new Shimano crankset and BB or a Hope BB and adapter.

    Thanks for the replies!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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