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  • boo01

    Can someone offer any pearls of wisdom as to why I might be getting a little bit of play with a Shimano 10sp 11-36 cassette,just been replaced and i think there really shouldn’t be any play at all when lock ring is tightened?. The play is only very very slight but definitely there. Wheel is a easton xct and as far as I can tell, both wheel and cassette are undamaged?
    is this normal or not???

    Location: West London

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    It all depends where you are.



    I don’t think such a thing exists…

    On topic though, did you include all the spacers? Are all rings spaced even across the cassette?

    Did it have a small spacer that goes between the wheel and the cassette?

    My Mavic Crossride did, I found the spacer glued in crud to the cassette.


    Remember the cassette is attached to the freehub body which in turn is attached to the hub. Sometimes there’s a little axial play on the body i.e a millimetre but any more than this and I would make sure the freehub body is securely attached to the hub.

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    Could be the bearings in the freehub being worn.

    Are the rings moving independantly of each other on the cassette?


    sorry 11-36
    and all the ring look ok
    will check tonight


    Just had a freehub body replaced under specialized warranty for play in the cassette.. 😐


    10 speed cassettes are actually narrower than 9 speed ones, so need a spacer as billy says. Very easy to miss – probably stuck to the back of the old cassette.

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    Only road ones. No 1mm spacer on 10 speed MTB cassettes.

    The Mavic spacer is sommat else altogether.


    So it is not normal ??
    will remove and check all the spacers
    & see if it stops moving tonight..
    Thank everyone!.

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    njee20 – Member
    Only road ones. No 1mm spacer on 10 speed MTB cassettes

    Thanks for that 🙂

    I’m sure i have one installed on my Pro2’s… it came with the wheels so i fitted it… “blush*

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