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  • Replacing a consovatory roof – advice?
  • ski
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    Has anyone here replaced their consovatory roof recently?

    We have a typical white plastic pig strapped to the side of our home by the previous owner. With the predictable freezing in winter and roasting in summer problems.

    Brickwork and double glazing seem fine but the plastic roof has started to perish.

    So looking at options, one of which is to replace with one of these insulated steel tile effect roofs, had a quote recently and the cheeky sales rep said it would cost £10k ‘would you like to put a deposits down now’?

    There seems to be a minefield of different options out there.

    Just wondering if anyone here has replaced theirs and did it make your consovatory a usable room in the summer/winter?


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    I make quite a lot of conservatories. A better roof will certainly help, More insulation and less glass area is going to help the extremes. You’ll likely still have a temp difference to the rest of the house as there is likely to be naff all insulation in the dwarf wall, none in the floor and poor quality (as in insulation and solar gains) glass in the walling.
    £10k does seem quite steep, although I’ve not got any actual experience of a roof ‘conversion’

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    We looked at these the other year too. Think we were quoted £8-9K for the roof which was more than what we thought they were going to be.

    We’re now moving house but if we were stopping, we were going to look at the foundations and see about turning the conservatory into an extension. More brickwork (still with plenty of windows) and a proper roof with some velux’s.

    The extra room they give ‘in’ the garden is great but when its hot or cold they are a mare to get on with.

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    So looking at options, one of which is to replace with one of these insulated steel tile effect roofs,

    My parents have done this with theirs, they initially just had the insulation done around 3 years ago and then recently had the metal tile roof. I’m not sure who did it but it seems like a very good job and has made the whole place a lot more useable.

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    We had this done about 3 months ago and it is amazing! Ours was just over that price on a conservatory measuring 3.5m x 6m with 2 electric windows in the roof. We had a cold, drafty room that the kids didn’t want to use and now they love it out there (it’s currently housing all their toys!!). It’s not too hot and not too cold, even though there is glass on 2 walls and it faces southwest.
    We are looking at putting another radiator in the room (it has one) as our boiler man said one wasn’t enough for a room that size (even if it wasn’t a conservatory).

    PM me if you want a recommendation if you live down south.

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    Sounds promising, thanks for the comments so far,but there seem to be so many things to consider, such as will the foundations take a new roof, where I stand with building regs and when I come to sell will the roof comply?

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    Yes the roof will comply, they changed the regs in 2010 ish so you can replace a conservatory roof with a solid roof. The installer should arrange all of this for you and you should get the certificate/sign off after a few months.
    The system we purchased is lightweight and (according to the installer!!!!) is about the same weight as a glass roof. They should check the foundations as part of the process to see it is capable of taking the load.

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    Most conservatories don’t need to comply to building regs anyway – if you have connected the rads to your main boiler then you’ll need to but otherwise not.

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    We’ve just had a conversion done through Phil Coppell Ltd and are very pleased – similar experience to HolmwoodDave by the sounds of it.

    We also removed the internal double glazed doors to make downstairs a very large open plan area and no noticeable difference to temperature or drafts in the rest of the house, and we don’t get the extremes of temperatures now either. We took the radiators out (they weren’t working) and haven’t felt the need to put in replacement heating – north facing too.

    Would recommend the idea and Phil Coppell (I have no connection to them!)

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