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  • Removing/ reapply fork decals
  • dumbbot

    Got myself some very nice slik stealth decals(they looks great). Never done decals before, it should ‘just’ be a like for like replacement…

    tip/tricks/idiot mistakes to avoid?


    Wipe down the area with isopropyl alcohol first to remove any left over residue, oils, bike spray etc.
    Piece(s) of masking tape to gauge where/how high up the lowers you’re going to apply them, so they’re symmetrical each side.
    Most importantly, make sure you are sure of the orientation of the decals before you apply them.


    Warm the old decals with a hairdryer or heat gun ( carefully ) this mean they peal easier and leave less glue on the fork/shock.
    Then wiper spray/cover with electrical contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol for a 30 seconds & wiper off repeating to remove any residual glue/contaminants so the new stickers stick well & as above triple check they’re square & right way round 😉

    I always do the hairdryer thing to the new decals too.

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    spray the fork with water before applying the new decal.

    I would make alignment marks on some masking tape prior to removing the old ones to be certain they are bang in line.

    £15 is a lot to waste on getting them wonky.

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