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  • Recommendations for disc brake pads please
  • tacopowell

    Found them to do the job although I’d stay clear of the organic pads, wear out on a couple of wet rides.

    There seems to be a mixed opinion on stw, I’d say try them yourself, you can’t argue with the price!


    Just installed Superstar sintered pads on the front and power certainly isn’t an issue, for me atleast, so as long as they wear farily well they’re a bargain IMO.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Superstar for me: kevlar summer, sintered winter…no problems here and I’ve been using them for a good few years now

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    Haven’t seen much anti Superstar here. I’d recommend them 100% to everyone; sintered I found best for West Yorks. After 5-6 years only had one fail, with backing coming away- replaced instantly.

    Premier Icon binners

    What nuke said. Same experience with them here.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    50/50 generally too thick so rub for first 20 rides even when properly bled.

    Get much better feel, performance and life from my hope ones.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Had a set of über bike sintered on my M4s – they didn’t last too long but worked well (and were cheap on eBay – 5.49)

    To be fair it was a ride round Dalby on a very wet day that ruined em…a mate went through two sets of Avid pads that day

    Now running über bike Race Matrix compound and they seem pretty good. Not sure on the longevity yet but price seems ok at 8.49.

    Premier Icon simmy

    Superstar sinstered.

    Tried organic, and like said previous, wore out in no time. Sinstered are fine.


    I’d avoid superstar kevlar pads, the sand in Swinley seems to eat them in just a couple of rides, I’d go for the sintered version.


    Hi, i need new pads and have heard good and bad about superstar pads and the same about uber bike pads, I ride mainly in the chilterns and Swinley just wondering what others have found with these pads?
    Thanks in advance

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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