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  • Recommend me some unpadded longs
  • I need another layer for wearing on the road bike as i’m too cold with my current combination (3/4s terry knickers and legs) I’m thinking maybe some unpadded longs would be good, as it would add another layer to the top of my thighs/bum area, which is where i’m feeling the cold. Don’t want bibs as i don’t want to freeze when I need to go for a pee.

    Anyone got any recommendations for some warm but unpadded longs? Not really been able to find anything that seems to fit the bill in the places i’ve looked… Or what other layers do people wear on road bikes that would work for me?

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    Try these from ground effect or the Jungle Jims.

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    I have never found an optimum setup.

    If I get something that works, it’s not waterproof.

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    marmot from webtogs.

    warm and fleecytastic.

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    I second the ground effect Daddy Long legs……….here they are in action. As you can see they are fleecy / windproof on the front. Cue shamless thread hijack with fabulous High Street photo ;-D

    the daddylong legs sound just what i’m after. (not to self, click on link, don’t just google daddy longlegs as you’ll end up with images of insects…doh!)

    can i buy them anywhere in the uk?

    clare – what size are you/how do they size up?

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    I’m a 12 and the mediums are spot on.
    You need to go through their website. The service is great – they arrive within a couple of days. I also FULLY recommend the Witches britches 3/4 with their fleecy lined knees. I’ve posted the link to the womens products for you……


    Do you know, that the Daddy Longlegs, or Crane Fly, has the most potent venom of any creature on Earth? But no need to be alarmed, because it has no teeth, or and way of injecting it into our skin. Plus, it’s such a tiny amount, it wouldn’t do you any harm.

    Pretty pointless, really.

    I want to go to High Street.

    thanks, loads of nice looking stuff on there, i feel some retail therapy coming on now 🙂


    Have you tried the Endura Stealth tights? Very warm, a thin fleecy lining and waterproof.

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    Mine are Lusso – thermal tights, had them for years, and I think are made in U.K.

    Not sure where to get them fom anymore.


    another vote for ground effect ones – used them happily this winter, nice and toasty today.

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