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  • Recommend me some new wheels for my single speed (road)
  • After about 6 months riding I’ve knackered the rear hub on my Specialized Langster. The wheels aren’t great quality anyway so I’m thinking it’s probably cheaper to buy a new set of wheels than replace the hub.

    Ideally I’d like something that’s relatively light and strong, but most importantly has decent bearings. Be good if the hubs rebuildable, but I don’t know how unusual that is for a road wheel?

    I’m less than 8 stone, so by strength I just mean that the rim won’t fold if I hit a pothole a little hard.

    Anyway, can anyone recommend me a set – the bike’s my hack commuting bike so don’t want to spend too much money!

    All advice welcomed! Thanks!

    I put some Mavic Speedcity wheels on my Roadrat. They are disc specific though.

    Being a mountain biker I can’t help bunny hopping of speed bumps etc and they are still perfectly true after a year. The Bontrager rims before them only lasted 6 months too.

    Probably not the lightest.



    as the rear spacing on the Langster is 120mm (track spacing) you don’t have such a large selection of hubs to choose from than if it was standard road spacing, but i can thoroughly recommend a Goldtec track hub, handbuilt onto a Mavic Open Pro, it will last forever

    front wheel, any hub you have in the shed built onto an Open Pro

    Thanks MM, yeah I’m a mountain biker too and have to use all my self control not to bunnyhop on the Langster (have failed a few times though!).

    I think I’ll end up getting a Roadrat too actually – mainly because my brakes are rubbish and it’s not a very practical bike. The Roadrat looks a lot more practical and discs would be excellent! I do love it the Langster though!

    JoB thanks for the recommendation – are the Goldtec wheels expensive? As above, I’m wondering whether it’s worth the investment as the Langster might become more of a Summer pub bike than my normal commuter. Are there any cheaper options you’re aware of?


    You could also look at miche ( probably cheaper than the goldtecs ), record pista or ambrosio all make quality track hubs. Find a good wheel builder have a chat and get him to build you them.


    on-one wheels (as found on stock pompino’s) are cheap-ish and tough as nails. they might feel a bit sluggish compared to the open pro’s Joe suggests but a lot cheaper. cartridge bearings too so easy to look after.

    p.s your brakes shouldnt be rubbish, even in rain road calipers are quite good.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    would also recommend either the On-One wheels for or something built around Goldtec hubs. Both are good value for money.


    i’d avoid ‘proper’ track hubs, they have really rubbish seals on the bearings for outdoors use, fine for inside a clean dry velodrome though

    On-One and Surly and the like do cheaper track-spaced hubs, might be worth looking at charliethebikemonger and freshtripebikes for more street based fakinger track product, they might have some cheaper wheel builds in there, if you don’t mind lime-green rims

    I’ve got a rear Halo wheel on my SS road bike link here:

    Pretty strong, much better than the chocolate front wheel I currently have (vuelta or something) and will replace with a halo one when I have the cash.

    Wiggle also sell the Charge wheelsets now – purple ones are a bit mmmmmmm and aren’t bad at about £150 for the pair.

    Thanks for the advice guys. Based on what you’ve said I reckon my realistic options are:

    1) Halo Aerorage Track Wheel – pair from Charlie for £85

    2) On-one Pompino set – £96 pair

    3) Get a rear one built up at my LBS and wait until the front one goes before replacing it.

    Obviously 3 is a more expensive option, so I only want to do if you guys reckon the bearings on the other two won’t last.

    Especially as I think I’ll probably end up going for a Roadrat in the longterm anyway (although, I’m not sure I could do that to the Langster!).

    P.S. In regard to brakes – the road calipers do work, but my current pads are awful and after mountain biking over a weekend (with XT discs) it’s pretty scary cycling to work on a Monday morning, thinking you’re going to stop nice and smoothly (and immediately) and well… don’t! 😯

    D’oh, the price for the Halos was each! Is it worth £67 (CRC) for a rear or is it better to go for the On-one pair or bite the bullet and get a decent one built up?!


    you can swap axles in Goldtec rear hubs so there’s the potential to move the hub from different rear-spaced bike to different rear-spaced bike, should you see a fleet of SSs in your future

    i just got a new axle for mine, swapped from a 120mm spaced bike to a 130mm one, saved me buying a whole new wheel, bonus

    Premier Icon Stoner

    On_ones will do the miles (Mrs S and I rode 5,000km each accross Europe two years ago on pompinos – in admittedly fine sunny weather 🙂 ).

    TBH it’s your commuter, it also may get knicked, as well as filthy and probably dinked, I wouldnt throw too much money at it. If you want bling, build up a Nathan Barley special for sundays 🙂

    Premier Icon akira

    The Halo ones are super smooth, been running mine for quite a few months and even with a lot of London commuting and bashing up and down stuff they are straight and roll fine, plus in white they look really pimp.

    JoB – thanks for the advice, that sounds quite cool! I’ve already got two ss (incl. my mtb) and the Roadrat would make three – so a fleet isn’t too farfetched! (my poor husband is desparing!)

    Seriously though, I doubt I’d need to swap it over to any other bike, so the hub choice really needs to be down to the quality – I want to last for years (forever if possible!)

    Looking at prices, I think I might go for a custom build of the rear and then replace the front as and when necessary (hopefully it’ll last a while longer).

    From what you guys have said, a Mavic Open Pro is the way to go rim wise. Do you honestly think a Goldhub hub is worth the extra money though? It is almost double the price of some of the others…

    If it is worth it though – do you know where I can get hold of one? Will my lbs be able to get one in?

    My LBS is really good and the manager a top guy, so if I’m going to get a decent wheel, I’d rather spend my money there than elsewhere.

    Stoner – very good points! I certainly don’t want to make it look anymore nickable than it already looks. (Shame as I would love to pimp it up with white hubs!)

    Arika – yep the Halo ones are a good contender, maybe I’d be better off just buying a Halo wheel off the shelf – afterall £70 is plenty on a hack bike!

    Oh I don’t know!

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Goldtec hubs come through BETD

    and theyll build it into an open pro for you too

    Thanks Stoner – nice to get an idea of price – comes out at £120ish all told… seems like a lot – it’s only a £400 bike! (although, has already had approx. £150 worth of subtle pimping… oh dear – not added that up before!)

    Premier Icon Stoner

    eventually you can ditch that souless spesh frame and wrap something nice in all those pimp parts you’ve been colecting…that’s how it works, it also keeps everythng below the hubby/wifey radar 🙂

    Lol Stoner! Yeah, I guess but I have a surprising affection for that little frame…

    Unfortunately (well in this context), my hubby is a mountainbiker too (though not as much of a geek as me) so very little gets under the radar – and a custom built rear wheel would have no hope!

    So what do you guys reckon?

    Halo stock, On-one (pair) or Goldtec build?!

    Will the Goldtec be better value longterm?!

    Premier Icon Stoner

    then buy an On-One set and tell hubby it cost bugger all because it was sewn together by poor northerners fed on gruel and GT85 in a warehouse in Doncaster. 🙂

    PS seriously, Id grab a pair of on-ones. They last and last, and if they every need a set of bearings its a POP to replace them. They’re a much better build than the Langster OEMs which are notoriously sloppy and have crappy hubs.

    Well I can certainly testify that the Langster hubs are crap. I mean 6/8 months of regular but moderate riding by someone light who washes the bike by hand reasonably regularly (no jet wash!) Very poor…

    Not decided wheel wise though – are the On-ones heavy? (I love the fact that Langster is so light!)

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Id be surprised if you found them to be any heavier than the langster OEMS.

    Ooh Ok, well in that case they sound like they might be a good deal. I just wish the On-one site gave some details!

    I shall chat it over with my hubby over dinner and report back.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    try here on the other channel for more info

    HUBS: Large flange, black anodized 32 hole
    RIMS: 32 hole clincher, black, shallow v-section
    SPOKES: Black double butted.
    NIPPLES: Alloy

    Front – 860g
    Rear – 907g

    Perfect for your Pompino.

    I think these are the hubs

    not sure about the rims

    PX/O-O are sister companies. The Pomp rather crosses over between the brands. Im pretty sure these are the same wheels, but the exact build will depend on what’s come in on the latest container – best to get in touch by email for stock details though.

    PX & O-O in couldnt get pissed in a brewery shocker 🙂

    Premier Icon iamtheresurrection

    These are a decent option, not too heavy

    Halo track wheels as about £160 a pait, hollow axles, and one of the few track wheels thatcan handle the real world. We have sold loads and not had a single issue. purple, black, white or yellow.

    Dia Compe: we have gold hubs on red rims, very pimping and £275, but we could do a deal – email me.

    Almost all the other 120mm wheels tend to be built light for track use, and the state of my local roads compared to the track, it can be like taking a ferari to the dakar rally.

    Premier Icon iamtheresurrection

    Bollocks. What happened to the preview button in the new forum?

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Really very helpful indeed. When it comes to all things roadie I am a bit clueless so really appreciate the advice!

    I think on balance, I’ll go for the Halos. I’ll buy the rear now and the front as and when necessary. (Would the white one look pimp or tacky?!)

    Charlie – any chance we could do a deal a Halo and a White Industries Freewheel?! (…Can’t blame a girl for trying!)

    Anyway, thanks again all – I’ll be sure to report back later!

    Oh no, Charlie only has the yellow ones in stock! 🙁

    I like the Langster too much to do that to it!

    Ooh, forgot to say thank to Stoner for getting all those pics and figures for me. Thank you!

    Just noticed that according to your figures the Halo wheel is heavier… Now I’m back to wondering again! Agghhh!

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