Recommend me some breakfast (early morning content)

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  • Recommend me some breakfast (early morning content)
  • easily

    I like Weetabix when I’m going to work as I can cycle after eating it. On other days I’d ideally eat some sort of pastry, but it’s usually toast.

    Anyone have anything more exciting?


    overnight oats with loads of berries or…

    Scrambled egg in the microwave wapped on a toasted bagel with mustard

    Beer and crisps


    The eggs sound delicious. I’m guessing you don’t cycle to work right after eating them?


    ofcourse I would why not?

    Its a proper ride too 25miles each way 😀

    Premier Icon richardkennerley

    I’m on Bircher muesli this week, not a million miles away from over night oats. Or even less prep, granola with yoghurt and a few extra blueberries+raspberries

    Toasted cinnamon n raisin bagel, topped with banana, peanut butter and maple syrup.

    Toasted plain bagel, avocado, poached eggs, salt, pepper, garlic Olive oil.

    And yes, cycle or run straight after either.

    Make your own granola (mostly oats, crushed nuts, berries, seeds etc). Keeps for several weeks and you can tweak the flavour by adding cinnamon, vanilla essence, orange peel, cacao and so on.

    Tastes the absolute bomb when left overnight (milk/yoghurt) or given at least 30 mins to soak/moisten in the morning.


    I’d eat left over curry then cycle to work to be fair.


    Porridge (jumbo rolled oats), cinnimon , banana , maple syrup.

    Porridge or poached or scrambled egg for me during the week. When I cycle into work I tend to make porridge at work and ride on empty. mix in honey, blueberry’s and recently the wife has some packets of powder crap (Chia seeds and linseed stuff I think) which I put in…doesn’t taste of anything but supposed to do you good…not noticed any difference, but it’d just end up in the bin if I didn’t eat it.

    Premier Icon ajaj

    This is horribly middle class and more money than sense, but I’ve recently discovered the Leon “Porridge of the Gods“.

    Premier Icon si77

    Pancakes, streaky bacon and maple syrup. Om-nom-nom!

    (You didn’t specify healthy)

    Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon when pretending to be a grown up.

    Premier Icon convert

    Overnight oats is working for me at the moment. Vegan style obvs.

    1 part old fashioned oats
    1 part plant milk of choice
    1/8th part chai seeds
    ½ part coconut yogurt
    splash of maple syrup
    a few drops of vanilla essence
    mix in the bowl you are going to eat it in, cover and put in fridge until the morning

    If you are not as try hard achingly hip as me the dairy equivalents for the milk and yoghurt I’m sure are nice too.

    Top off it in the morning with whatever you like. Currently playing with half sliced banana, toasted flaked almonds, chopped pecan nuts and whatever else looks nice and is kicking about. Going to play with some peanut butter I think but need a slightly runnier version than I currently use.

    I’ve always ridden to work and eaten breakfast when I got there.

    If there is a microwave at work then hot porridge if not then overnight oats carried in a leak proof container. Top porridge with 1 or 2 of the following, fresh fruit, jam, chopped nuts, seeds, nut butter, shot of espresso, even a kipper.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    So far this week it’s been porridge, weetabix with fruit and nuts, shredded wheat with fruit and nuts, poached eggs on crumpets. Not all on the same day.

    Binners, you prole. Wouldn’t you prefer a lovely ‘Smashed Avocado and Halloumi Sourdough Muffin’ from that London place mentioned above instead?

    Microwaved porridge with jumbo oats with water for me. Plus a few raisins. I clearly need to up my game.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    It only takes an hour to ride to work, so I just eat a bowl of alpen when I get there. Might have an espresso before if I’m still yawning.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Yoghurt, muesli & blueberries or honey.

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