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  • Recommend me a tent
  • Premier Icon cultsdave
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    Hi folks,

    On the look out for a 2 person 3 season tent.

    Preferences include sub 3kg less is better and sub £400

    I will be using it for everything from a week on the Hebrides to back backing to car camping. I quite like the look of the MSR Hbba Hubba NX but can’t decide if I would prefer a bigger porch, as sometimes that would be really useful.

    I have also come across this 12 anyone know anything about Big Agnes tents?

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    The big agnes one has a mesh inner – good in warm weather, bad when its breezy. Personally I like the extended porch tents. I have a lightwave one.

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    A porch you can cook in/under is essential imo.

    Our tent is a bit heavier but a lot cheaper than your criteria – oex coyote 3. Its massive and it all packs down into a 13l pannier for cycle touring (except poles, they get strapped to top tube)

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    I have also come across this 12 anyone know anything about Big Agnes tents?

    Apart from the mesh inner thing, they’re also built very light, or at least the Tiger Wall UL I’ve tried is. Nicely made etc, but I’d question the durability of the groundsheet in particular.

    I found the end of the Hubba Hubba NX – the previous model admittedly – tended to fold under in strong winds, which is less than ideal – I think the guyline is less the optimally located fwiw. Nice tents otherwise, but I’d prefer something that pitches all in one rather than fly-sheet first like the MSR. Big fan of the Macpac Minaret here as a do everything, bombproof tunnel tent. Or Hilleberg, though that may be out of your price range.

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    Big fan of the Macpac Minaret here

    Solid but pretty small for 2 people particularly for extended use. I grew to hate mine on a long tour.

    Premier Icon db
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    Depends what you want. I like free standing pitch as one type tents. My wild country is about 10years old and still going. Above is a different model but looks good.

    I always go 1 man up from the size I need.

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    We’ve the BA Copper Spur UL2. We got it after comparing with the MSR Hubba Bubba and Freelite mainly due to the extra headroom – I’m 1.8m tall and when I sit up in the MSRs my head touches the ceiling. Unless it’s come down in price then it’s a little over your budget isn’t it?

    Only had a few nights in it so far. Not found the mesh inner to be a problem but it is a little cooler than a solid inner, I wouldn’t want to be using it in a snow storm though, definitely a three season tent. The material feels gossamer thin but for the volume then I suppose there’s no other way to get the weight down. We got the groundsheet protector as well – doesn’t add much weight or bulk to the pack and means we can split the tent fairly evenly weight wise.

    Used in “blowy” but not stormy conditions so don’t know how it will stand up to a Hebridean breeze.

    The advice about sizing up from the expected number of occupants is a good one, the UL3 is only 350g heavier than the UL2 for example. But there’s a decent amount of room in the UL2.

    There’s also a “bikepacking” version of the UL2, basically it uses shorter sections for the poles so it packs better and can fit between the drops on drop bars.

    Have a look at Ultralightoutdoorgear – for more options.

    Premier Icon cultsdave
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    Thanks Whitestone, will take a look

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    Bought an F10 Xenon UL 2+ recently for a bike packing trip next week. Not slept in it yet, but have done a test erection 😃. Genuine 2 person capacity, nice roomy porch area, OK headroom. Paid about £270 from Go Outdoors I think, weight 2.4kg so pretty light, packs up nice and small (tent easily fits into drybag in front of handlebars, poles fold up small so can fit wherever).

    Don’t have a lot of experience with tents but bought this one on the strength of the F10 Helium UL 2 I bought last year which I was very impressed with, great roomy 1 man tent.

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