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  • Recommend me a Ski school in Les Deux Alpes
  • mildred

    Please can anyone recommend me a Ski school for my 10 & 11 year olds in Les Deux Alpes?

    There’s a number of schools and want to ensure a decent experience for their 1st trip away.


    Not used one for a long time, but ESF generally run the French ski school cartel, and are like a factory churning out skiiers. My experience for myself was impatience and rudeness from the instructor. That was as an adult though. I got a far better experience in Austria.

    Outside of ESF, there are the independents and “foreigners”, i.e. Brits. Have no recommendations though.

    Some general advice here, though not which ones to pick –

    Pile of info on Les Deux Alpes including ski schools here –

    Premier Icon nickb

    We’ve used ESF in Les Deux Alpes for the past couple of years for kids and adults lessons. All english speaking – kids loved it! Going back again at Easter…


    Premier Icon leffeboy

    I’ve used independents for a few years now as I got fed up with how poor ESF could be. However it is very dependant on the individual instructor but I had more luck staying away from ESF for my daughter. Can’t recommend a particular school though, sorry

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