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  • Recommend me a new TV
  • momo

    MrsMomo wants a TV in our bedroom at home, so I am now seeking advice on which one to buy.

    Requirements are a decent picture (would prefer HD but its not a deal breaker as it will only be fed with an off air signal for the time being, but a HD model would give me the option of using it as a monitor in the future) decent sound, although I do appreciate the limitations of the small speakers fitted into flat panels. Built in freeview tuner, 20" – 23" widescreen and not too bulky as needs to be wall mounted. Built in DVD player would be a bonus, but only ever seen these on cheapo supermarket specials.

    Budget is upto £250 including wall mounting bracket.


    i would say HD on a 23" would be pointless, also i would avoid the built in dvd. sound will be fairly poor on a tv that size, may want to consider hooking up to a hifi, even a basic one will sound better.


    Aye nae point of HD on less than 36", really.

    Go for a Samsung 22"- @ £250 ish


    How about one of theseMatt?

    Sorry if link doesn't work, facebook video :-s

    or I'm selling a 42" plasma if thats any use, still got 3 years warranty left bit more than 250 though

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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