Recommend me … a light-ish 150/160mm enduro bike…which is 26" … !!

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  • Recommend me … a light-ish 150/160mm enduro bike…which is 26" … !!
  • I’ve been told the latest Banshee Spitfire can apparently do both 26 and 650b by changing the drop outs…. not sure what happens to the bb height though

    The BB height is very low with 26″ wheels – and you can adjust it by 12mm to suit your riding. With 27.5 wheels it’s 10mm higher which keeps it on the lower side but makes running it in its lowest/slackest setting less of a pedal strike avoidance challenge!

    MTB Rob

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    Cotic Rocket”

    I was impressed on how well it climbed.


    The Rune isn’t that Porky and it pedals really well – for a biggish, silly bike it climbs really well. In fact that’s what I’ve been most impressed with. I knew that it was good descending, but I have genuinely been really impressed by the way it climbs.

    Mine is 33lbs (may be a bit lighter now the Van RC2’s have been changed). Large, Bos Devilles, Havoc wheels, Hans Dampfs (tubeless), 1×10 X9/0 etc. I’ve used mine for everything from XC rides in Swaledale to uplift days at BPW and Antur plus most things in between including riding in the Peaks.

    I’d vote for a carbon SB66 and would have one if I could find one / afford it.

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    Scott Voltage FR with 160mm van rc2s and a vivid coil (will be changed to Monarch Plus this year) – 170mm rear
    Mavic 821s on DT Swiss 350s with chunky monkey tubeless f/r
    1×10 XT and 34t NW ring, raceface cranks, vaults
    Mix of Thomson, Sunline & Hope (M4 brakes )

    Just under 33lb and will drop when I swap to an air shock.

    Climbs fine for me and descends even better. If I had the money I’d look at a new carbon Tracer but I don’t so this does the job

    I’ve got a Pivot Mach 5.7, 10000x better than the El Guapo it replaced….

    You could always go Old School and pick up an Enduro SL S-Works frame?

    Ditch the horrible AFR shock and stupid DC forks and it makes a sweet ride. Comes in at 30lbs with Vengeance forks, dropper and M4 brakes – as well as nothing else light too – frame is 5.5lb iirc


    I also ride/live in the Peaks/Pennines and will be doing the Trans Provence this year on my Liteville 301. I only have this bike (and a rigid hardtail for commuting) and find that the Liteville is a good compromise / allrounder bike for trail riding in hilly places. Choice of 140 and 160mm rockers, new Pike and monarch shocks (better than Fox that I previously had). 1x 10 gearing, decent tubeless wheels etc. Light enough for big rides and lots of climbing and comfortable on rocky, technical downhill. Very well built frame. Simple & clutter free. At about 5 foot 10 the only real issue I had was with sizing. Medium was too small with a short stem and inline seatpost. Large is better.

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    Evil uprising? Mines 29 pounds with 160mm pikes and 1×10

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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