Recommend me a 4 berth tent for family ‘wild’camping

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  • Recommend me a 4 berth tent for family ‘wild’camping
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    We got a wildcountry hoolie etc 4 a couple of years back when there was just 3 of us, but even with 2 adults and 1 toddler it was pretty cramped. The main issue is how low the ceiling is and the taper at the sides. It sounds counter intuative but you need more space with a toddler than an adult as you try and get the to settle down and go to sleep. Now we’ve got another little person I think it’s going to be unworkable to fit all four of us in there. I’ve been looking for replacements but lots of the alternatives seem to be aimed at camping out of a car (cheap/heavy). Any recommendations from STW family campers? I don’t think 2x 2 berth tents would work as they’d be kicking off wanting to be in whichever tent they’re not already in…

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    Assuming any budget…

    Hilleberg Keron or Helsport Valhall (my preference).

    Or Helsport Varanger 6 or 8 (we have at work, brilliant things for a family) on a smaller budget

    Or Big Agnes Big Shed.


    If you’re wild camping and need to hike with it any distance, a big pyramid tent of some kind is the way to go. I use a tent for that purpose (and bikepacking). There are plenty or other manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.

    If you’re wild camping near to the car then the Helsport Varanger is an excellent choice, easy to put up and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space in the car.

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    We have just bought 2 msr elixir 3 tents for weekends away for the four of us. Our kids are bigger hence 2 tents. They do a 4 man version. They are well made and surprisingly roomy inside due to the way the inner tent is shaped. The little porches are big enough for small bags, walking boots etc.

    If split the poles, fly and inner between two or three of you then many more options will be carry-able.

    I recommend Vango Halos for DofE/overnight family-camping. They are tough, well-thought-out and sturdy spaces. Self-supporting dome, with two exits/entrances/small porches and a lot of ventilation options. Brilliant tents. Used a Halo 200 for best part of a decade before replacing it with same after UV damage im the fly over a full 8-week summer camp in it’s last year. Never let a drop of water in, never caved-in, even in mental weather.

    The 400 is a baragin of you look about

    *bargain if

    Here’s a video review someone made re the 300:

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    We use a marmot limestone 4P for wild camping with our kids (7 and 9). Plenty of space inside and reasonably solid for camping up high. Weighs about 4 or 5kg I think, so not light but not stupidly heavy either. Inner is largely mesh though so is a bit drafty if it is cold.

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    Wow, tons of great suggestions for me to mull over! Thanks very much everyone, not sure why my google skills were failing to bring up any of these but I guess that’s why this forum is so handy!


    I have not wild camped with it, but have used this Decathlon tent for a cycle touring holiday with two adults and two kids:
    It is just over 4kg, and I towed it on a trailer with the other camping equipment.
    It is not very tall, if height is critical for you, but it has a good floor area, and is very easy to erect. I purchased the optional footprint so we could floor the porch area

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