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  • Reccommend me some good walking boots,
  • DenDennis


    Some decent waterproof ones, comfortable and durable.
    Ideally simple classic design, normal leather (not suede) not too high-tec “G-shock” looking either if poss….

    budget about 100 nicker.

    I thank you in advance 😀

    Premier Icon ton

    scarpa sl


    try them on in a proper shop – its the only way to know

    I like hitec boots myself. got some zamberlains as well for winter boots

    Premier Icon smiffkin

    My Meindl boots are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had. Highly recommended!


    I’ve been trekking in the snow for a week using Hi-Tec V lite waterproof boots – feet dry throughout. They are also excellent summer boots.

    I know they aren’t traditional boots but they are comfy and durable. Much lighter than leather boots too.


    Nice, cheers. I shall have a look at those and yes of course, try on as tj recc


    Brasher Hillmaster GTX sounds like what you’re after.
    make your feet happy
    They are in blacks/millets so you can try them on before you buy online. Though I got mine for £95 in Blacks. Take a bit of wearing in, but I love them!


    Got some 7 year old (**** me that was a long time ago!) Scarpa boots, simple brown leather upper, vibram sole under, about £80 if i remember. Did the ten tors and all training for it, dofe, numerous cadet camps, all in these, and been using them for general dicking about and in the last couple of winters. Leather only now starting to come away from the rubber sole, but been nikwaxed twice in their life and still completely waterproof, and get more and more comfortable with age. I may shed a tear when they finally die. There may be better out there as it was a while ago now, but I would thoroughly recommend Scarpa as a brand.

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    Scarpa or altberg


    Completely depends on the shape of your foot and what fits


    As others have indicated, its totally pointless to get a recommendation, I’ve just bought new boots and had proper fitting and tried loads of different boots, the difference in fit is huge. My advice is visit a proper shop and get proper advice.


    As anjs says it will probably come down to what feels right.

    I use Hi-Tecs V-Lite Altitude. Vibram soles for comfort and Ion-shield to keep the water out. I think they had some problems with the first production runs a few years back but mine have been superb. Comfy as slippers since day one.

    RRP is £99.99 but you can pick them up cheaper if you look around. I think I paid £80 at Great Outdoors in Chester


    ive got some zamberlans myself, only negative is that they dont have a toe rand, theyre looking a bit kicked at the front.

    Again, trying on and stomping about in the shop, up and down inclines to see if your toes get rammed into the front is a must.

    Pretty much any modern boot will be good so it is down to trying them on to find out what suits you best for fit, stiffness, weight, price, material etc


    0h and try them on in the afternoon as your feet swell during the day.

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