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  • RebelRelic guitars….what do you think?
  • are they really cheesy up close, bit like those repro vintage radios that everyone had in the 80’s ?

    more importantly, what do they sound like ?


    just buy a normal guitar and play it lots and lots, a nice chunky belt buckle will scratch up the back and a Ramones leather will soon wear down the front.

    @Klunk – I already did that with this one…took me 25 years.

    See I was looking (I said looking) at Fender Custom Shop relics, then I got onto Crinson replicas and Haar replicas, then I found “Historic Makeovers” for Les Pauls, then I found RebelRelics. Been reading about them all, and comparing prices, and wondering……. So then I thought I’d ask on here as I know there’s lots of guitarists. Suppose I should hace gone out on my bike really.



    Stratobiker – YGM 🙂

    How’s the EJ doing?


    I bought a Custom Shop relic a few years back, it’s OK, but I’ve noticed as I’ve played it, the neck has started to look less old than when I bought it…which makes it feel a bit phoney (which of course it is). I think i’d rather buy new and let nature take it’s course.

    @tyger – YGM back. The EJ is doing just great. I’m loving it.

    @lodius – Now that is interesting. Thanks for that.

    Looks like I might have to make a trip to Amsterdam!!! 😉


    Many more here…..

    I’m not asking what you think about the whole “relic” thing. I’m asking, if you are into relics, what do you make of rebelrelic?



    @strato – YGM 🙂

    Premier Icon brassneck

    The strat looks almost too perfectly relic… the tele alike I don’t know, but that top scuff looks in an unlikely place – but I guess everyones guitars age up different accroding to how you play.

    I have a 78 SG that looks brand new compared to either of them!

    OK I’m only a drummer, but I do have a couple of guitars. personally, if I was buying a new guitar, I’d like it to look like a new guitar 😉

    oh bugger, just re-read the OP. please ignore me 😉

    Premier Icon chipps

    Hello! 🙂
    They look very well done, though for €2000, you’re getting close to Fender Custom Shop relics, so why not do that instead?

    That blue Strat looks very similar to one I got from Wavelength guitars in Sheffield – which cost me £800 and it’s still one of my favourites to play. I do like shiny guitars, but I always seem to come back to worn ones.


    just buy a second hand squire and leave it on the roof of your house for a month?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Heh. I would have sworn that your own strat there is a bad DIY relic job :mrgreen:

    Saw a RebelRelic one a wee while back, it was slightly overdone but that was at the customer’s request- he wanted lots of wear but no damage, as I understand it, which always looks silly. But some of the ones on the website look really spot on.

    I think it’s nuts frankly but ymmv.

    Stupid idea, in the flesh they always just look they’ve been sanded and battered randomly.

    And to actually answer your question, I’ve played a couple of the rebel guitars, they’re pants for the money. Get a fender Vintage Vibe instead,just as good if not better playing and a damn sight cheaper.

    I’ve just paid slightly shy of 5k for a Gibson Byrdland Florentine, if I’ve paid thousands for a guitar, it better bloody play like it, and the rebels don’t frankly.

    what about one of these you can get one for under £270 online 😀 would love to buy one (but paying off my new bike) will get one though one day 😉

    Those Vintage guitars play really nicely as well…..

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