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  • Rear tyre recommendations
  • leonthepro

    My Hams Damf (none addix compound) has seen better days so looking at a replacement. Usual set up is Magic Mary up front and Han one the back but wondered if I should consider something else?

    27.5 riding around Peebles and North Wales mostly natural stuff so won’t something for all weathers but slanting more to the bad weather side.



    I’m in a similar boat. I like the Hans Dampf but I end up tearing the side knobs off in no time at all.

    There is a new HD out very soon (now?) which looks to have much better side knobs, but can’t seem to find it for sale yet.

    Old on the right, new on the left…

    Friend of mine runs HansDampf addix speed grip rear and Magic Mary addix ultra soft front.

    So far: happy with it. He knows that the ultra soft front won’t last too long but loves the grip.

    I run 2.6 Magic Mary addix soft front and rear. Pressure around 19 psi. Love this setup for downhill runs.

    Not sure if I should trade grip with rolling resistance with my next rear tyre… bit easier rolling would be fine…

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    I changed from a HD to a Bonty SE5 and have been happy.

    Grippy, fast rolling, good side walls. Significantly more durable too. No cracked or broken tread blocks unlike the HD which was missing quite a few before I changed it.


    Has to be a Minion DHR2 if you’re using a Magic Mary front, best all round tyre combo I’ve ever used. The minion is grippy and rolls well too.


    Yeah second the dhr2 rear, Mary up front. Seems to be working well


    Mary / DHR is my favoured combo too. I do swap tyres (or wheels) around depending on conditions but those are my favorite all round combo for sure.


    Thanks, DHR2 sounds like its worth trying. What compounds are people running? Looks like a wealth of options available 3c ,Terra etc.

    MM and Slaughter my combo of choice, slaughter is rapid, Mary grips. Happy days.


    Running DHR in 3C MaxxTerra but probably go for dual compound next tone. Less drag, less wear, and I can live with a little less grip.

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