Raceface NW Constantly Dropping the Chain

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  • Raceface NW Constantly Dropping the Chain
  • First time using Raceface drivetrain components. I usually use Shimano because for the most part it’s smooth, solid and reliable. Got the heavy (surprisingly heavy for a chainring) cinch steel one! Drops the chain on rough chatter all the time!?!?

    All new drivetrain, got the clutch as tight as I dare go and the chain as short as is reasonable for the bikes travel.

    Anyone else suffering excessive chain droppage using Raceface NW chain rings or is it just me?


    I have a small chain device on mine so I spose that’s not fair to say. But my brother runs the alloy version with no problems at all.

    Premier Icon TheGingerOne

    Mine never missed a bit on my hardtail

    I have a small chain device on mine

    It’s the first time since going 1x I’ve considered one.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Yeah, always have a top guide. Even the best n/w drop chains when they wear. For the sake of a few grams/quid it is worth it.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Never bothered with a guide, can’t say I’ve seen any difference between the RF/ Absolute Black or SRAM rings I’ve use, all were flawless until they wore out.

    Hows the chainline looking on it? Pulling too much to one side?

    @mikesmith – The chainline is further outboard than I would like. No choice on this bike 92mm BB. No spacers to play with and I doubt there’s enough thread on that flimsy cinch thing to space it inward!

    And yes I’ve got the dish the right way round before someone asks 😀

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