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  • scotabroad

    Not had this exact one, but did have one RF post bend, but I am a heavy chap.

    No issues with Thomson ones now


    Nope mines been fine


    only had mine a short time, but it was second hand and im heavy – alls well so far (fingers crossed)


    Has any one had any problems with these posts, in particular the clamp mechanism and the bonded cap that is on top of the post.

    I have always trusted Race Face and was about to buy said post but a few folk and one LBS has said they fall to bits and snap.

    Help appreciated

    I've had no problems with mine at all and I'm 15 stone – ridden it on a full sus for a year.


    Mine is a 27.2 and live on a HT BTW, quite alot stuck out too

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    I have a 400mm one in a smallish (for me) frame and it has been great for 3 years.


    I considered getting one but bought an as new condition Thomson off a member here.

    Unless you're chasing light weight the Thomson is the best built, strongest and best looking post.

    A topic about seatposts and the Thompson groupies are in by the second post!

    I've a Titec post on my hardtail, came with a no quibble warranty, weighs less than a Thompson and has a pretty much unburstable clamp design, and cost around half what a Thompson post would.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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