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  • Quick iPhone/Audio question.
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    Happy Friday STW’ers!

    So I’m wanting to use my phone as a microphone for music. Which would be the best option with regards to sound quality?

    Voice memo on ‘lossless’
    Camera on video 4K

    Or does it not matter? Iphone SE (Old version). Basically, I’m recording bits of live DJ sets. I know I could take a line-out from the mixer and record into a DAW clean, but I really like the live room reverb/sound. I suppose a dedicated external mic for the phone would be the best bet going forward.


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    They’ll give similar results, with the voice memo using way less battery obviously.

    I’m a musician and have had mixed results from iPhone recording… it kinda takes an average of everything it hears and compresses it. Much like a human ear, it works pretty darn well when the live volume levels aren’t ridiculously loud and there isn’t much ambient noise. Listening through earphones is essential to hear what you captured.

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    Things may have changed but you never used to be able to reduce the input volume on the iPhone mic. No idea why but if you’re on a loud club it’s unlikely to be able to cope.

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