Punchbowl and Thursley tonight?

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  • Punchbowl and Thursley tonight?
  • mefty

    yellow top, white helmet and tache

    Sounds more YMCA than STW

    I was hoping so, as I had cowboy hat and chaps on!

    Nice to be riding til 8 without needing lights – just!


    So that’s why you could wear shorts.

    Just being nosey, but went for a quick spin around the Punchbowl tonight between 6-8. Not a soul in sight for most of the ride except good to see two other riders late on. Just wondered if they were STWers?

    Hi to the guy in yellow top, white helmet and tache (I think, it was getting murky by then) climbing up “loose filling hill” up to the Punchbowl from Thursley. Never sure whether that’s better up or down!!

    And ditto to the guy in yellow jacket and red back light coming through stile between Borough Hill Farm track and edge of Thursley common at about 7:40. Just missed each other as you headed off in Elstead direction.

    First ride of the year in shorts and no overboots. Legs ok (if red/purple by the end) but toes were freezing!

    We were up there after 8 from the Haslemere side and saw 3 riders on their way back down, nobody else after that, trails were in great nick too, way too cold for shorts i thought.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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