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  • Premier Icon Drac

    Don’t forget all haters to post at 9pm after watching it anyway.

    Ah well done Muke; din’t even know it was on! 🙂

    S’entertainment, innit. I mean, Clarkson’s a knob, Hammond’s just crap, but it’s a very well made show. Not Great Art maybe, but then it don’t pretend to be. I enjoy it anyway so that’s all that matters, quite frankly.

    don’t forget all TV listings are available online and in most newspapers.

    Damnit Elfinsafety! If you’d have just mentioned that May is the only one worth watching as well, I’d have had a house in “STW Top Gear Haterz Bingo”.

    Well it’s true though.

    Shh! It’s starting!

    (Scampers off)

    Hell Fire! Size of that thing! 😯


    i want one


    I know there are lots of lovers and haters of TG on here so here is a reminder about the new series on BBC2 tonight at 8pm.

    That is all

    Ordering my 1M tomorrow

    Going to wait until the 720p hits piratebay.


    Blonde in red dress behind Alice Cooper.

    Hubba Hubba!


    Good episode, hope the rest of the season keeps it up.

    I need that Eagle.

    Nah din’t do nothing for me. Prefer the orignal E-Type.

    Clarkson at least has some character, but Hammond is just crap. Ruins nearly everything he’s in.

    There was quite a scary looking mayn in the audience; seemed to move around a lot and was in many shots. Anyone else notice him?

    Premier Icon Drac

    There was men in the audience?

    I only noticed this one cos he kept appearing, and was staring into the camera in a ‘I’m going to eat your eyeballs then your brain’ type manner.

    As for the ‘totty’ on the show; I live in a large, bustling metropolis where there are real life ladies to look pon, so I’m used to lasses all over the place. Sometimes I even talk to some, and very occasionally, they don’t run away and there’s no need for Babylonian Involvement. 🙂

    Premier Icon Drac

    You live in a Metropolis, how come you’ve never mentioned this before?


    Elfinsafety – Member
    I only noticed this one cos he kept appearing, and was staring into the cameral in a ‘I’m going to eat your eyeballs then your brain’ type manner.

    Probably someone off here then.


    One of the worse programes so far, lets hope the next one is better.


    Had a tear in my eye at the end of the Jag piece

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Been out so just catching up on this via the wonders of Sky+. Also crying with laughter at that Marauder. 🙂

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Good stuff… and Amy Williams too!


    I just remembered, I had a dream about top gear last night (sad, but unfortunately true). They’d changed the format at it was really good. Haven’t seen it tonight to confirm they’ve taken my dreams on board, as ITV3 are showing proper telly in the form of atonement.

    I think I’ve seen the guy Effin was talking about. 😯

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)

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