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  • PSA Horncliffe Woods Rossendale
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    Not sure if any STWers ride there but LCC have put signs up saying they’ve discovered the trails and to get in contact.
    Not sure how long they’ve been there as Im ‘retired’ and don’t ride there (walked there with the dog today).

    Looks like they’ve made a start with an access path at the top so I’d say if nobody gets in touch then stuff will be flattened in short order.

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    To be fair to LCC they have been supportive of groups building there quietly. The recent attempt to sell off has attracted attention and probably dog walkers hence the notice.

    If you are digging there I would break cover and talk to LCC

    I don’t ride there it’s like death on a stick for my talents

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    The recent attempt to sell off has attracted attention

    IIRC it did sell – went for £26k via Pugh auction?

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    I ride there alot. its my go-to when the weather is a bit shit as it seems to keep running well in the wet and the trees are a good shelter. There are some amazing trails there, tons of them. struggling to think off any features that they may deem unsafe… some are beyond my pay grade but all are well built. Traffic has increased massively recently tho, we assumed this was probably the TommyCHype effect? but trails certainly looking well worn and new lines appearing all the time.

    I understood they were now under the control of the PMBA (in conjunction with LLCC) i only heard this, never read it anywhere…

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    Only the bottom corner below the tip access road and near the house was sold at the auction, i think?
    The rest of the woods was controlled by the council.
    They council reminded riders not to use the access road as it was private, to get to the top of the woods.

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    I asked pmba very recently on a Facebook thread and it was confirmed that the site will remain as is, but it has to stay that way. Only maintenance, no new building of trails.

    Council accept that trails are 20plus years old and not a massively busy spot or prone to regular ambulance requirements.

    Potential for a volunteer maintenance crew to be set up apparently in the works too.

    All very good news, hoping to spend more time there this year I’ve got some progressing to be doing.

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    ^ good to hear it sounds positive for the future.

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