psa: cheap Citroen Spacetourer lease

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  • psa: cheap Citroen Spacetourer lease
  • Premier Icon simon_g

    I’ve leased from these people before, this was in a recent email:

    You can play around with initial fee and mileage but effectively total cost of £5500 to use a big roomy family/bike van for 2 years. Bump the mileage to 10k a year and it’s still £6000 over the term. The list price of £33k is a nonsense, you can get over 25% off if you were buying, but still a good deal to lease for 2 years IMO.

    M size is very similar to SWB Transporter, ideal if you wanted something like a Berlingo but roomier. Business spec is pretty decent, they have versions with the third row of seats for a bit more.

    I hired the van version yesterday.
    Was boringly capable. Engine pulled fine, steering was very light, cabin was pretty nice and the stereo/info thingimajig was pretty good.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Its a good price for the 10K mile lease.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’ve Just been trying to sell this to my missus to replace our old C4 picasso as a camping/adventure mobile. She’s not sold yet, says she wants a “proper campervan” now…

    I’d love a lifestyle bus but we don’t have the funds.

    I hired one of these fir a week to take the family up to Edinburgh last year.
    I was quite impressed with it.
    Great on the motorway,decent size but not too big to get into normal parking spaces and comfortable .

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