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  • tonyd

    You should be able to get pretty much whatever you want/need, just have a chat with your friendly LBS. I’ve not used the scheme for a few years, but the last time (4 years ago?) I got a new lid and an Edge 705, I think it went down as a Hardrock or somesuch.


    what tony D describes is fraud.

    my girlfriend just put through accessories only on new waterproof kit and clothing on C2W through her employer.

    she already has an alfine 8 gensis for commuting which is not on c2w so is very greatful of the ability to get this scheme.


    I think this has been the way for a while…
    My brother got a pair of Oakley Holbrooks on C2W last year – and that was through Evans.


    Fraud is a very strong word, and while it may have been fraudulent then it doesn’t sound like it is now.

    I’m sure the scheme organisers have relaxed this restriction to ensure that everyone rides safely, and not because there’s only so many bikes people can buy and so might stop using the scheme (meaning they’d lose their 10% kickback).


    Our scheme used to give us a £100 safety equipment voucher on top of the bike voucher.


    Probably been done before on here, but I missed it, so likely there are others who don’t know either. Looks like you can now use the C2W scheme to also purchase safety equipment without having to buy a bike.

    This is great news as most years a commuter will need to replace some kit, but you don’t need a new bike every year!

    The bad news for me, is I just bought a new light, helmet, tyres and winter tights. Oh well!

    Not so sure on the ‘definition’ of saftey equipment. Has anyone any experience of using this yet? Would winter tights and new tyres/tubes be covered? How about where and tear items like a new chain and cassette? Looks like tools, locks and child seats are covered (who rides to work with their child?)


    I’m just looking at the options now. Terminology seems a little confused as the term “accessories” has been introduced and there is no suggestion so far as I can see that this necessarily equates to “Safety equipment”.
    It might equally mean components ❓

    Previously I’ve had to buy a cheap bike, like a hardrock for £300 but there was never any issue with spending the remaining £700 on wheels, tyres, chainset, etc.
    Might be that I can just buy components now… I’ll go and find out what they are prepared to do.


    Fraud is a very strong word, and while it may have been fraudulent then it doesn’t sound like it is now.

    It’s tax evasion. It was then, and it is now. The tax break has only ever been available for bicycles, and cyclists’ safety equipment.

    The DfT’s scheme implementation guidance says:

    Cyclists’ safety equipment is not similarly defined in the legislation and a common sense approach should be taken to the equipment provided. This could include:

    * Cycle helmets which conform to European standard EN 1078
    * Bells and bulb horns
    * Lights, including dynamo packs
    * Mirrors and mudguards to ensure riders visibility is not impaired
    * Cycle clips and dress guards
    * Panniers, luggage carriers and straps to allow luggage to be safely carried
    * Child safety seats
    * Locks and chains to ensure cycle can be safely secured
    * Pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tyre sealant to allow for minor repairs
    * Reflective clothing along with white front reflectors and spoke reflectors

    It’s hard to imagine how “safety equipment” could possibly be taken to include a GPS.

    The only thing that has been clarified is whether or not an employer could supply safety equipment without also supplying a bike.

    EDIT: to answer the rest of the OP’s questions:

    Would winter tights

    Possibly, if they were reflective.

    New tyres/tubes be covered? How about where and tear items like a new chain and cassette?

    I reckon that as long as the bike is owned by the employer, there is no reason why the employer can’t supply such wear and tear items. After all, if you hire a car, you wouldn’t expect to supply your own replacement parts, would you?

    (who rides to work with their child?)

    Someone who goes via a nursery or school? 🙄


    From recent experience the bigger providers (evans as an example) are stricter on what counts and follow the guidance above but if you do the order over the phone and get a helpful person you can stretch it a little – I chucked in one ‘luxury’ item (nice bibs) with my recent C2W order but didn’t feel too bad as the rest of the order was 100% for c2w and even the bibs may get a use on that run during the summer.


    I bought an exposure toro and osprey backpack – colleague bought an exposure revo including dynamo hub wheel build, and a lock.

    Shop used a lax definition of common sense for safety equipment.

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