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  • PSA: Aviva + TCB = decent Car/Van insurance price
  • Premier Icon sas78

    Just renewed our car and van insurance through topcashback with Aviva and the renewal is cheaper combined than the van insurance alone last year!

    I’ve not been able to get a combined policy for the car and van before so it’s a superb deal. Also got online discount and TCB are doing refund of £70.70 for it….

    Anyway, if you have a car and van it’s well worth a look.



    Do not expect the cashback to actually happen. I have had AA insurance (House) and Aviva (Car) insurance through TCB and neither has paid. It hung around on my account tracking nicely for 6 months and then went to zero. More than £100 in total.

    Since it was longer than 100 days, you can’t chase it. An utter fiddle.

    If the prices/cover etc. are OK go with it. As for cashback assume it won’t happen. Don’t take it into account when comparing prices.


    Some of Aviva’s cheapest policies don’t even cover windscreens, so do be careful.


    Have a close look at the reviews on TCB. They are in order of highest grade first, so you get all the good stuff under your nose and the real complaints are hidden were you have to go looking for them.

    Some folk give terrible reviews, yet 5 stars to make their complaint stick to the front page. All seem to be aboout being diddled out of what they have been told to expect.

    All a bit crap really.

    Premier Icon sas78

    I did have to adapt the quote to add in pretty basic stuff like windscreen, legal cover etc… but otherwise the cover is exactly the same as I’ve always had.

    Incidentally, the car price is the same as my old cost, it’s the van insurance that’s less than half the renewal cost!

    Even without cashback, it’s a no brainer, so if I get it – bonus, if not I still got cheaper insurance. 😀

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Got our cash back with Aviva last year no problem. See what they want for the renewal….

    Premier Icon transporter13

    That’s odd as we have been with Aviva (Norwich union) since mrs13 passed her test back in 2004.
    We did the compare the web stuff but no one could even get close. Until this year when they wanted £350 more than most other companies. No idea why. Family situation exactly the same.
    Completely baffles me.


    Is that aviva that today anounced its sacking 2000 staff

    So youre responsible for those job loses then. 😯

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