PS4 Gamers – How to get support for ARK

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  • PS4 Gamers – How to get support for ARK
  • Mini-me bought ARK Evolved over Christmas and it is unreliable at best.

    However, about 2 weeks ago his ‘world’ started freezing regularly. Now it freezes within seconds of starting it up.

    General Googling is not helping. I have found the official PS4 forum, but there is not an ARK specific thread and the Crash/Freeze threads are short, not the same symptoms and rarely have a solution.

    General engineering principles (reducing the high level graphics options to minimum, updating the console software, making sure the latest version of the game is installed, going wired rather than wireless etc) have not helped

    Whats the best way to try and resolve this? In all honesty the grumpy old git in me would take the game back to the shop and demand a refund as it is not fit for purpose, but it was bought online using PS4 credit that he bought with his X-Mas cash so I don’t think this is an option 🙁

    Anyone able to offer advice on what I can try. Any good forums etc?


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    You still have rights for digital downloads. You’d likely have to contact Sony. I’d email them for support before asking for a refund though.

    In reality I don’t think mini-me wants a refund, but he does want it to work so that is the first goal

    Bump for the daytime crowd….

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    As above, contact Sony support.

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