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  • proper tough semi/knobbly 700c tyres?
  • Premier Icon ton
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    always run schwalbe marathons on my tourer.
    but had 2 offs recently on slippy leaves and road markings. also had a few near spills with them sliding.
    I don’t know if they have changed the rubber, but they are very hard n slippy now.

    so, I am gonna change to some semi knobbly tyres for the winter.
    any ideas greatly appreciated.
    700 x 38 would be ace.

    Premier Icon fasthaggis
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    I have been using a set of those Clemént X’Plors linky on my mixed terrain commute .They feel good on the surfaces I use(single track and forest roads) and are not too draggy on the tarmac sections for winter commuting.

    Premier Icon breatheeasy
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    I had the same kind of issue with some slightly strange Marathons, can’t remember the exact model (Green belt rings a bell). I used to have some Marathon XRs which were brill, but they’ve stopped making them many moons ago.

    Took a punt on some Marathon Mondial Evos and I’ve used them for the last few years and really rate them. I always tend to go for the folding ones so I’m guessing they might have a slightly better rubber compound, but I may be making that up. Also tough as old boots.

    Premier Icon jameso
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    Been impressed by (folding) Marathon Mondials 47s on my Jones. Not super tacky or anything like that but really tough, smooth on road with stable blocks and good amount of rubber contact, pretty good all-round, even work OK in mud.

    Premier Icon nopunk
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    Early days but did 25 miles yesterday on some Vittoria Revolution G+ 38c; wet roads, leaves, gravel, mud, puddles etc and they felt pretty grippy and yet still zippy on the road.

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