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  • Price of a Tommahawk cruise missile?
  • Tom_W1987

    Price or cost? I reckon the cost of each Misile is the death of a fair few innocent people. So it’s about how you reckon those innocent lives cost or the price we put on them, and are they worth the tally score at the end of the shootout? £800000 for a tomahawk. How much for a life?

    And how would Tomahawks save civilian lives? Are we going to put special forces on the ground so that we can identify every possible delivery system that might be hiding in and around the country and then mark the target for attack, as Tomahawks are for all intents and purposes GPS guided.

    Not to mention at the moment the Syian Army is fighting the Kurds who are fighting Al Nusra who are in an uneasy alliance with the FSA who are fighting the Syrian Army. Al-Nusra were caught with 2kg of Sarin in Turkey btw.

    So when Assad is gone the Kurds are probably going to end up fighting both Al Nusra and the FSA, whilst the latter will both be fighting each other.

    So if saving lives is the goal why not shorten the war and save lives by giving Assad the capability of blitzkrieging both the Kurds, the FSA and Al Nusra?

    To many ethnic backgrounds with to many religious variations in to small an area with easy access to weapons coupled with lots of angry young men, poor education or low IQ’s and the idea that god is on their side.

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    compositepro – Member
    Buy ? Build your own…

    I’m now waiting to see who disappears from this forum after spending too long reading everything on that site.

    I hope I’m not being too paranoid about our….

    Hang on! Someone’s just knocked the front door in….

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    Tom, I like the cartoon; it rings true.

    The real weapons of mass killing are really just the simple Assault Rifle i.e. the AK47. Very cheap to buy or mass produce copies of, you just need to recruit the boys to carry them to your cause.

    Edric 64

    The new versions have an increased diameter, enabling them to fly more smoothly (though it does affect their maneuverability).

    This isnt a 29er thread !!!

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    Really Edric? Really??

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    And they say humour doesn’t come across well in the written word 🙄


    You could go the Superstar route too. They are available in any anodized colour you want but might only make it half way to the target.

    DO NOT launch by hitting it with a rock. This WILL Invalidate your Warranty.


    What size box do CRC use the ship them in?

    North Korea knocks em out at bargain basement prices and they are truly works of art to behold~ they are non lethal and the best part is that they are recyclable too being made of papier mache.

    I’m holding out for 12 spd though, just to make sure I have the right kill ratio


    I found some on e-bay from China, much cheaper do you think it will be fine?

    PayPal gift is cheaper.


    Everything you need to know:

    NBCNews link


    Fox Missiles are posh


    Is the paint finish helitape compatible, as don’t want to mark it before I use them?

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    I’ve got a few left over from my last Regime Change project, I can post them to you if you want to Paypal Gift me $500k?

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