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  • mudsoul

    I had a pair of Specialized Defrosters which were very good for all but the coldest of winter rides. Got them a size larger to wear thick wool socks. Very comfortable winter shoes. I had the older ones, though, so not sure how the new ones with the “boa” lacing are like.


    Shimano MW80/81, great all-round boot but I still want some MZ303’s (formerly 301’s) when I get some cash, as I really suffer with cold toes in the depth of winter.
    The shimanos are miles better than the Northwave Celsius’s I had.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Defrosters here – I too found the Lake Frankenboots just too much for most of the time.

    The Defrosters seem to offer as much waterproofing (slightly more actually as the cuff at the top is tighter) and adequate levels of warmth unless there’s snow on the ground.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    Have a pair of Defrosters, which are OK, though the flap bit that goes over the BOA dial is annoying.

    Lake were meant to be launching an MX140 replacement (MX145) but I can’t work out where near me stocks their stuff so no idea if they’re any good.


    Timely thread! I’ve been pondering some winter boots this year, not sure my overshoes will survive another winter and they’re not that great when it gets really cold and wet. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the defrosters and find Shimano shoes fit me well so will be getting some of those I think.


    Although not strictly what you are asking… 😳

    A nice thick merino sock (Giro) and a neoprene overshoe (Endura) over the regular shoe is perfect for keeping dry and warm. I have had no issues at all with this combination and the total cost is around £30. This includes the coldest weather last winter where mud was freezing in my brake calipers and in the wet we had where most of our local trails were actually flooded!

    Premier Icon iainc

    older defrosters here too. One size up from shoes, wear with a thick wool mountaineering sock – good to well below zero snowy night rides for me


    Shimano AM45s did the trick for me. Not proper water/winterproof but with decent socks they were fine well below zero last winter. I had the shimano goretex boots when I was commuting and they were no better.

    When it’s proper cold though I use flats incase of ice and snow, so just end up wearing trainers 😕

    Premier Icon stevied

    I know summer is still going strong and long may that continue but:

    My birthday coming up and I’m in need of some new winter boots.
    I’ve got a pair of Lake MX140’s which are brilliant boots but are just a bit too big and I’ve always been aware of the fact they are a little big so I’d like to get a new pair for my B’day.
    What are people recommending these days? Not after a ‘full-on’ winter boot but something that will keep my feet warm (we ride whatever the weather) and dry. I tend to use Sealskins too to help keep the water out..

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