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  • Pre-interview/pay level etiquette?
  • nicko74

    mmm… kinda. What you might consider is asking 'what level is the job', followed after that answer and discussion by 'and what is the package/ salary band' or words to that effect. I had a tricky one in Canada, and essentially it got down to her asking how much I earn in Canadian dollars and me trying not to price myself out of the equation without tying myself to a pittance.

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    I think its perfectly acceptable, its a waste of everyones time if the pay levels on offer and what you would accept are not in the same ball park. But don't give them a figure 😉

    Why would you not ask? There is likely to at least be a pay scale


    Yep, it's perfectly OK for you to ask for a ballpark figure for the package prior to attending. It's unusual for them not to say up front.

    Little bit of advice please chaps…

    I've applied for a job I fancied and have been offered an interview in a couple of weeks time.

    However the advert didnt include a salary for the job.

    Obviously there would be a dicussion at the interview itself but it's quite a long way away and involves a ferry journey so really I want to know what the pay is before accepting the interview (or not).

    What's the etiquette for this?

    Is it OK to just come out with it and ask what the pay is when I ring up to accept the interview?

    My intuition says yes of course it's OK to ask, but I've put myself in awkward positions before by asking things I thought would be OK 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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