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  • jedi

    i have 6 bikes all ready to roll

    1 of 1. I'm such a pauper 🙁


    3 of 3 are rideable. FS needs an inner tube replaced at some point, HT has a slight bend in a rotor and SS is just creaking slowly to death.

    3 of 4, need to sort out the bottom bracket and fix a puncture on the dh bike


    3 0f mine, 2 of other peoples. other peoples need a bit of fettling. They are not interested in new tyres, brakes etc, just want it to work!

    2 solos, one tandem ready to go – one road bike been hanging on the wall for 15 yrs, one broken unicycle.

    Its one place where I am obsessive – the tandem was stripped to be transported and lovingly rebuilt with most bolts removed and regreased, everything cleaned and chains lubed!


    Five out of five 8)

    4 out of 5. All could probbly do with a new something or other, but they go ok so that's all that matters. The racer can be coaxed into action, but does need some new parts. The shifters are knackered.


    2 bikes, both rideable.


    5 of 13…..

    almost 4/5…

    don't have quite enough pedals to go round, apart from that have them all running nicely apart from my old rockhopper which is minus working hubs, gears and brakes….


    2 out of 3

    Premier Icon nickjb

    3/3 Just about. Just put the FS back together today; Commuter's rear wheel is just about hanging on; SS needs new grips but its rideable. Puncture on the 29er unicycle, was fine when I parked it so must be a slow one.


    Roadlite – rideable
    Pimpino – rideable
    Chameleon – rideable
    Handjob – Needs lots of work doing on it
    Kaffenback – rideable
    Van Tuyl – rideable

    wow! That's all the bikes I have at the moment, I have been so brutal recently!


    Downhill bike is fine.

    XC bike is hanging in there, despite massive amounts of rear wheel bearing play ever since Mayhem.

    BMX works, but is made up of such a mish mash of bits I'm suprised.

    Jump bike needs chainring bolts to be rideable.

    Premier Icon DezB

    2 out of 4
    Road bike forks been removed for replacement and got brake problem.
    Yeti awaiting new bearings for the last month or so
    Hardtail is ok (but has summer tyres)
    Singlespeed/hack is fine and in daily use 🙂

    HT – sorted
    Road – sweet
    Commuter – OK for commuting but as Im UB40 unused 🙁
    FS – in bits, needs bearings, fork service, etc
    Original Retro MTB – needing restoration

    So 3/5 for me
    And 1/5 not likely to be commuted for a while
    Does that make it 2/5??

    100% of all I have = one


    50%, or 2 out of 4

    S/S= Rideable.
    F/S= Rideable.
    D/H= In bits as it has been for 11months…
    'Alps' bike= Still bagged up since coming back from Morzine a month ago…

    My 3 are ridable. GF's two are too (tho she hardly ever does).

    One Mongoose frame-only

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    Just one out of three, both mountain bikes are in bits… 🙁

    Off to Snowdonia at the weekend… I might be finding out how good / bad the cross bike is up in the mountains!

    Premier Icon ahwiles
    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    7 of 7 though there are probably another 2 nearly there 😳


    3.5 out of 4

    Singlesoeed Scott scale ready to go
    456SS currently on turbo trainer duties, could do with brakes bleeding
    Trek fuel ex8 ready to go
    Zx636r b1h wearing track fairings ready to go, road fairings freshly painted, need a quick run over with rubbing compound then they'll be ready to be fitted.


    0/1 and it's doing my nut.

    Forks being repaired (hopefully) under warranty.

    If you count frames, I have 6 bikes. 2 are rideable, the rest are just frames really.


    Road bike – good to go
    Racer X – squirt of lube on the chain and fork stanchions
    Maxlight – shares wheels with Racer X so only one ready at a time
    Motolite – pump up the tyres and stick some brake pads in

    So 2 of 4, but over the years I've found that I can only ride one bike at a time so I'm currently 100% over-prepared.

    Premier Icon scoobmw

    3 of 3, though the riding to work bike is struggling with gearing just now despite new cables, cassette, crankset and chain. Think the hanger is goosed but it's an ancient old Bike Co-op bike, and live nor work anywhere near the place anymore.
    '5' is rock n roll
    Kona HT is pretty good though front fork remote lockout disnae work anymore – disnae spring back – have to haul the cable !


    3 from 3 all good, roadrat for daily commute is suitably filthy and it's a race between the rim and the hub for which will die first. My pastic road bike is mint and has seen a good summer, but sadly despite my soul being good to go it's has seen more dust from the shed than the trails this year, but it's limited outings still put a smile on my face!

    Despite obviously not being able to ride 3 at once it really nags me if a bike is out of action.

    Four out of four rideable. It bugs my happiness if they're not

    Why have them otherwise?

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    1/2 New cassette, rings and chains – came in from ride and cleaned bike and chain as always – hmm time to check the chain (OMG) 😡 chain is well worn. Still 8 months and 2 chains worth of riding. Going for XTR and will check chain more regularly. Its expensive but I am worth it 😀 and the 100km Brecon Beast this weekend will be so much easier without slipping chain LOL


    Five work
    One doesn't

    Premier Icon Northwind

    3 of the 5. Though the Hemlock is slightly unwell with a slow puncture I've not bothered to fix and various squeaks from the rear end. The other 2 are just piles of bits, one is awaiting me having the energy to finish spraying it and the other is just neglected.


    Kona HT is pretty good though front fork remote lockout disnae work anymore – disnae spring back – have to haul the cable !

    What fork is that out of interest?


    3 out of 4. I hate it . . . there's no room in my kitchen . . . I only want one 👿

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    2 out of 4

    the 2 that don't are historic MTB memorabilia that will be refurbed for a retro event one day to scare myself 😉

    3 of 3. Road, mtb and bmx.


    .. and how many aren't?

    Oh and Excluding punctures

    I'm on 1 of 4, though I haven't got round to blowing the tyres up since fitting them on the XC HT
    FS is waiting to replace the headset, could do with replacing hub bearings and the chain/casette/chainrings want swapping. I've got all the bits, I'm a bit stumped on removing the worn out internal (not integrated) one
    Slick tyred rigid bike is missing a front mech
    4X/DJ play bike needs some (uncontaminated) pads and a solution to the chain jamming between ISCG mounts and crank

    (lengthy desciptions welcome)

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