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  • Mounty_73

    We have a cottage booked for my 40th and we are looking for various games, activities and quizzes etc for the Saturday night.

    There will be 15 people and we would like some ideas for indoor stuff, we dont want drinking games, only games to play whilst drinking! 😉

    Any suggestions please? (nothing rude, but cheeky is good)


    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Articulate Was good fun to play


    keys in a bowl? No?

    Ok, a good pub quiz is always popular, make sure you mix the subjects up for the whole group!

    Kids games played by adults are always fun… Hide and seek, tig off ground and 999/40-40 or whatever it was called in your locale can be a right laugh when a few beers have been consumed.

    Also get everyone to buy a nerf gun.


    Those ‘Whodunnit’ board games are a laugh – you are given a character up front and you are menat to get dressed up etc.

    Or if you have a PS3, you can get interactive games like that have individual controllers…

    Mr Woppit

    Strip twister?


    Premier Icon martymac

    I have no useful contribution to make


    You’d need to make it up yourself and probably play in teams of two (and it might stray from cheeky to rude sometimes), but Cards Against Humanity is very very funny. Most time spent laughing in a 3 hour period that I can remember.

    Premier Icon lapierrelady

    Second the murder mystery idea- you can buy them off the Internet,or craft them yourself to stitch up your ‘friends’ with their characters! Good excuse for some dressing up and character

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Cranium, four teams of (mostly) four?

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Hide the sausage

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    DIY Jenga with a chainsaw and a tree or teach yourself circus tricks (don’t swallow the paraffin)

    Group effort by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr


    The one where you pass a balloon or clementine around from neck to neck?

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Say Anything or Apples to Apples are good, although that might be a few too many people.

    Zombie Dice is a great little time-filler, super-easy to learn, and can have as many people as you like (but obviously gets slower with more).

    Naked paintball. Freeze the paintballs first 😈


    I have nothing to add beyond this

    I have no useful contribution to make

    Or this

    Hide the sausage

    Everyone writes the name of 10 famous people. Names go in bowl. In teams with a time limit you have to describe the person. Round two is description but with only one word. Round three is mime the person. With a few drinks it can be fun.

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Ok I can comment here, having been to a very 30/40 something party a few wees ago where games were much the form.
    We had three teams – north/ south and locals
    Very much a generation game feel to things
    1. decorate the little cake with icing
    2. reproduce the postcard painting using water colours
    3. playdo representations of feelings – i kid you not
    All scored off course
    Followed by a high brow game of the name game – so describe a name from the hand without using positive pro nouns. far too high brow names being used – they were mainly academics.

    Premier Icon Jerome

    It was a few wees ago that is true..


    The cereal box game. Get a cereal box, put it on the floor and take it in turns to pick it up with your mouth. You can only touch the floor with your feet. Once every one has picked it up then you cut some off the top and do it again and so on. if you fall you are out.
    This is a great game but wear loose trousers as i have seen them split.


    Whats the game where you pick a card and make a model out of plastercine called and your team-mates have to guess what it is. The losing team then gets some of their plastercine taken away.

    We played it after a few beers and it was amazing how many models ended up looking like a winky. Came in handy when we had to model Moby Dick though…

    Edit: I think its called Rapidough.


    Apples to Apples

    Premier Icon beanum

    The War on Terror board game? You get to wear an Evil balaclava…

    War on Terror


    Hide and seek in the dark with a bit of booze inside you is terrifying and jolly good fun.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Everyone writes the name of 10 famous people. Names go in bowl. In teams with a time limit you have to describe the person. Round two is description but with only one word. Round three is mime the person. With a few drinks it can be fun.

    This but I think it works better if you reverse rounds 2 and 3 (mime first, then one word)

    And don’t make it only famous people – you can add in anyone. Maybe even people from here, even if people haven’t heard of them you can do sounds like and so on, and people will soon know about Hora and his magnificent ****




    Take a post-it note pad and play “who am i”


    1 Each person picks one name for another person playing and writes it on a post-it note. The names can represent real people you know, celebrities, animated characters, storybook characters, historical figures or political personalities. If the party has a theme, tie the chosen names to that theme. For instance, if it is a Star Wars party, use characters from all of the movies and books. There are endless possibilities, but keep in mind the age- and group-appropriateness of the choices. Don’t make them so obscure or difficult that people give up.

    2 Each person must ask “yes or no” questions to find out who she is. For instance, she can ask, ” Am I real person?” “Am I a male?” “Am I alive?” “Did I invent something?” “Am I in a current movie?” and so forth. The questions cannot be either/or questions like “Am I male or female?”.

    3 Each player in turn may ask one “yes or no” question, after which they may make a guess as to who they are

    4 Stick one post-it note on each person’s forehead. Do not allow the person to see the name before you put it there.

    5 The winner is the first person to correctly guess. The loser is the last 🙂


    After eight game – Place after eight mint on your forehead and then get it into your mouth with out using your hands. Best done when they are slightly warm.

    Build the tallest tower race with marshmallows and spaghetti.

    cereal box game.

    Premier Icon puppypower

    Mafia is brilliant with about that many people.

    I also second the cereal box game and the after eight game.


    Lego Creationary is hilarious when drunk.

    Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Naked twister.


    Spoons. Can get violent in a good way! Purudo and bananagrams often feature in our games nights, neither hindered by booze.


    depending on how well you know each other, my university favorite

    Human twister

    ‘left foot Dave’
    Right hand lisa
    Left hand John


    I dont think we came up with a decent way of winning, just a way of getting friendly 😉


    Strobe light swingball, you need a fair bit of drink (at least) tho.

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