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  • Overshoes for someone with stupidly tiny feet?
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    My work colleague (and riding buddy when I go out on my roadie bike), just got into the lab complaining that her feet are blocks of ice from her commute. Her cycling shoes are UK size 2.5! Anyone know of a decent brand of overshoes that wouldn’t be like flappy wings on her tiny feet?

    I’ve never used the things so don’t know the first thing about them!

    Cheers for any help!


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    I don’t know about tiny overshoes but I defo recommend some thermal wool insoles. £3 off ebay. Cut to size and put on top of whatever insert is in the shoe. I’m not getting that chill through the cleat and sole any more. + merino socks.

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    most overshoes / oversocks called a size Small will be for a 3-5. I’d say those will fit. If unsure, try oversocks first, which will fit cos stretchy. Prendas do them for £8

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    My gf has the same problem. She solved it by buying some Castelli toe covers, they’re one size, cheap, fit over any shoe and because her feet are small you get 90% coverage of a full overshoe. She’s not had cold feet since – and the winter months are generally colder in Switzerland than the UK.

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    A common thing used to be to get wetsuit socks and a stanley knife to make DIY skintight overshoes. I used to use size 43 stretched over my 42 shoes.

    Pretty sure you can get child sized/small ones, something like a size 4 would fit over a 2.5 cycling shoe.
    Just a matter of finding something of reasonable thickness, 5mm would do.

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    A pair of these? 😉

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    I would still buy XL, there all XXXS in reality.

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