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  • Overnight oats or porridge to help reduce cholesterol?
  • Premier Icon eckinspain
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    I understand oats are good for reducing cholesterol.

    Is there any science to back up whether soaked overnight oats or oats made into porridge would have a btter effect on cholesterol reduction?

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    Troll right ?

    Surly it’s better to cut out the crap that causes cholesterol rather than eat something else on top of what your already eating ?

    oh and standing on your heads helps reduce cholesterol

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog
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    High cholesterol can be inherited. Not sure about standing on your head though. Troll right? 😉

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear
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    Yes it can be, but it can still be controlled by diet

    Premier Icon eckinspain
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    No FunkyDunc, not a troll. A genuine question asked hoping that I wouldn’t get a smart-arse answer from a know-it-all. Unlucky for me, eh?

    And what makes you think I haven’t already cut out the crap in my diet – you haven’t the faintest idea so why not just go back to do something else you know nothing about.

    Yes I understand high cholesterol can be inherited – as far as I know my parents don’t have it but I do need to check.

    The doctor (a qualified medical professional to the best of my knowledge) has recommended reducing my cholesterol level (it was 6.5 this morning) and I am aware oats, among other things, are useful at reducing it. I was wondering if I could have porridge (yum) or whether raw oats (not quite so yum) were better.

    Premier Icon imnotverygood
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    Both forms of oats will do a job. Benecol drinks definitely have a beneficial effect in cholesterol lowering.

    Premier Icon wiggles
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    I can’t remember the figures but I remember the small print in the corner of s porridge advert saying it “lowers cholesterol” said you had to eat the equivalent of about 4 bowls a day iirc

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog
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    Yes I understand high cholesterol can be inherited – as far as I know my parents don’t have it but I do need to check.

    That wasn’t aimed at you, more an explanation to FunkyKnowItAll that cholesterol levels are not necessarily purely a function of diet.

    No idea on the most effective form of oats, but I’ve seen it suggested that you can incorporate oats in meals other than breakfast. I’ve made bread with an oat component before now for example.

    I guess the question is whether porridge or soaked oats are digested more effectively than dry oats. Personally I prefer it as porridge, but I’d guess that whatever you’re most likely to eat makes sense in the absence of other information, which google seems short of.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    No idea but I soak my oats overnight and then cook them for porridge. Makes the porridge very smooth and generally nicer.

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    porridge very smooth and generally nicer.

    WTF. Texture is good.

    I bet you like creamy mashed potatoes too?


    Premier Icon hugo
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    Cholesterol levels can vary because of diet, genetics, lifestyle factors and matter differently, if at all, differently for everyone.

    How long is a piece of string.

    Just concentrate on food quality.  Porridge for brekky with a banana in (wifey and littleun) or smoothie with milk, oats, banana, whey protein and berries (me) seems to do the trick.

    No one ever had a heart attack from having porridge for breakfast.  Everything else counts though – superfoods are a bit of a myth imo…

    Premier Icon centralscrutinizer
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    Raw rolled oats are decent if you use them to make your own Muesli.

    Premier Icon dantsw13
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    Oats soaked for anything over a couple of hours are lovely


    Milk/almond milk

    greek yoghurt





    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Surly it’s better to cut out the crap that causes cholesterol rather than eat something else on top of what your already eating ?

    There’s less evidence that dietary cholesterol is linked to blood cholesterol than you would think. In fact bad cholesterol is actually used by the body to synthesise testosterone, which in turn builds muscle, burns fat and all that good stuff.

    Premier Icon anagallis_arvensis
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    I often have raw oats with some yogurt and blue berries for breakfast. Saves cooking time!

    Premier Icon mikey74
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    I guess, if nothing else, porridge for brekkie helps reduce cholesterol by replacing some other brekkie food that may be bad for cholesterol. However, I believe the sciencey bit is the porridge contains a type of fibre that does help reduce the bad type of cholesterol.

    I like a bit of texture in my porridge so use jumbo oats (Flahavans), mixed with cinnamon, fresh ginger (finely grated), coconut milk (the Alpro one) and half a banana. I then microwave it for 4 minutes. I then mix in plain, natural yoghurt.

    Premier Icon mucker
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    I always have porridge for  breakfast, made with water and a little salt after cooking. I have recently I’ve been using oat milk instead of dairy milk as the added lubricant/coolant. Oat milk is rich in dietary fibre and low in saturated fats and my porridge is still delicious.

    And i like my porridge thick, not runny, you can stand your spoon in it, like a hot damp flapjack.

    Premier Icon dirtyboy
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    I have Familial hypercholesterolaemia which is genetic and the first symptoms were a heart attack whilst mountain biking at bpw @42 yrs old

    Up until that point I’d never thought I’d had an issue with cholesterol, I’m now on atorvastatin 80mg and my cholesterol dropped from 7 to 2.8 within a month and has held around that ever since.

    So my advice is if your diet is good and you don’t smash the booze n fags, then get yourself checked out professionally.

    Premier Icon rone
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    My cholesterol is 9.5 and rising.

    My diet is pretty good.

    Doctors aren’t that concerned because that one number doesn’t tell you enough alone.

    They reckon a 15% decrease going from the worst diet in the world to the best.

    As I understand it there is relationship between what your liver does and cholesterol. That’s genetic.

    Premier Icon Scienceofficer
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    It’s not a specific food stuff, it’s anything that contains soluble fibre.

    AFAIK, the literature does indicate only about a 15% difference can be acheived with diet, but there’s growing evidence to indicate it’s your lipid ratio that matters, and you really can change that with diet.

    It’s all tied in with excess dietary carbs and metabolic syndrome.

    Premier Icon Caher
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    Yep I heard it’s 15% too. I eat well, exercise lots but I need statins.

    Premier Icon bruneep
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    as far as I know my parents don’t have it but I do need to check.

    ah yes, 🤔 after my medical at work stab test said cholesterol was high. made appointment with Dr to discuss, called mum to see if either of them have high cholesterol.

    Me: mum do either of you have high cholesterol?

    mum: no

    Me: great thanks.*putts phone down*

    wife: I think they do have high cholesterol, they are both taking pills for it.

    me: mum, Mrs b says you do have high cholesterol.

    mum: we used to bit we take pills and that has lowered it so we don’t have anymore.

    me: FFS mum 😂

    Premier Icon BillMC
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    Does having your oats reduce cholesterol?

    I sincerely hope so.

    Premier Icon rone
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    It’s all tied in with excess dietary carbs and metabolic syndrome.

    Could you expand a little on that bit?

    Premier Icon twinw4ll
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    Best made with full fat milk as this also reduces bad cholesterol.

    Premier Icon flap_jack
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    “It’s all tied in with excess dietary carbs and metabolic syndrome.”

    All on here:



    Premier Icon paton
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