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  • Drop your saddle a bit. Seriously, makes a lot of difference, being able to throw your body around more.

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    Hip flask 😀

    Just always remember – there is very little you can do to your body that surgeons cant fix.

    Forget about it, head back there in a week and start again! Trying it that much will just create the fear and make it worse. I did it on a rooty drop localy no reason I couldnt ride it apart from baddies in my head that i had put there. Went back a week or so later and cleared them fine!

    Sometimes, its not just going to happen. It’ll be there tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

    Go. and come back. You’ll do it.



    SWAN – Stop Walk And Nail

    Stop have a look at the trail
    Walk it and look at the best line through it
    Nail get back on the bike and ride it.

    Works for me unless I make the call that it’s something I’d prefer to try with pads and/or flats or of course not at all 🙂

    The Fear gets me on a regular basis. I’ve found on local stuff,going back on my own does the trick.

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    you’ve seen others do it so know it can be done.

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    Never fail anything more than 3 times before walking away. 🙂


    http://www.forestfreeride.co.uk not a magic cure but for many a step in the right direction.

    TM is right though … far better to be honest with yourself and save it for another day (which will come) rather than giving it your best MTFU knowing it’ll end in disaster. If that happens too many times confidence takes a real dive.



    Some good advice – thanks. Next time it is.


    Out for a blast in the local woods today and we found a section of trail that I could not clear.

    Singletrack along a ridgeline, then a small hump up into a sharp rutted left that got steep real quick, a root to clear then straight down into a compression and out. Friend takes one look at it and clears it straight away. I on the other hand got to the sticking point where you had to commit, and stopped.

    That was the end of it. Then got into a routine of pushing back up the trail, having a word with myself, rolling back down and getting to the same point when my brain would go ‘You don’t want to be clipped in for this’, cue left foot out, grind to a halt.

    If it was a straight run in, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Most frustrating.

    Any suggestions on where to get some brave pills that would have helped?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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