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  • loddrik

    I dislocated my shoulder at CyB on Saturday. About halfway round the mbr trail, so though it went back in after a minute or so I has to grimace round for a few more miles. Nearly a week later and am only just starting to get my use of it back. Going riding again seems a good week or two off. Just wondered if anyone else has done the same and if so how long it took them to get back on the bike and back to normal. Also did any long term damage occur as a result?


    you been working on your rotator cuffs?




    Yes, I did real damage. I only got decent strenght back after a year. It now feels like it did before, 2 years after the crash. It tends to feel lose and pops out everynow and again. I don’t think I will need an op, but if it happens again I will.

    Took 6 months to get on the bike and it still hurt a bit.

    Sounds like you did what I did fencing (sabre, not garden) which was subluxed it. Not a full dislocation and goes back again on it’s own. Was a while ago but it took a good while to get sorted, couple of weeks before I could do most things, longer before opening high cupboards etc. When I properly dislocated it it was pretty useless for longer but I got physio (rather than advice from a sports injuries clinic) and when that finished my shoulder was better than before I dislocated it.
    Moral of this tale? Get, physio, each time I subluxed it (skimming stones, opening doors, several times) it got worse but I just carried on. Dislocation was as a result of an accident so not related but made me realise the value of decent physio.


    Yup, did mine in similar fashion on Telegraph Valley in Snowdonia a few years back. Face / shoulder planted, then rolled out of the way of impending death-by-flying-pilotless-bike and it clicked back in. Was about 2 weeks before I rode again…. That said, the A&E doc reckoned I’d not popped it as the x-ray didn’t show any bone damage, but I know I did. I guess mine was just lucky!

    Dislocated knees however……

    Premier Icon richmars

    Did mine hitting someone walking down a dark road (he was alright).
    Just try a keep fit, I was told blood circulating helped recovery (but that could be bol**ks!) I did a lot on a turbo trainers, which was good because there’s no risk of falling off and making things worse.

    You have subluxed it and may have a rotator cuff injury which could cause long term problems. No-one would do anything to it urgently, but keep it in mind next time you have problems.


    Had an anterior dislocation and had to have general anaesthetic for the reduction!Was riding trails (bmx) 2 days later.But then physio twice a week for 2 months and it still aches a year later.

    Gibbon- jammy bugger! They did mine (tucked up nicely to my collar bone) with gas and air so I could go home straight after (said they would keep me for observation with a general).
    G&A had done little for pain reduction before it but then I panicked, hyperventilated on it and all was well with the world, really strange feeling πŸ˜€
    Not so hot when they took it off me though πŸ™


    did mine about 15 years ago, went back in itself but has been a hassle for the last 5 years, subluxing at random…drying myself, getting out of wetsuits or any random movements.
    I’m currently on the the nhs waiting list, hopefully getting it fixed keyhole stylee, if they have to cut me up then my arm will be out of action for 8 weeks before i can even move it for physio πŸ™

    my suggestion is to get it seen to asap to check no major damage has been done, apparently they can damage nerves etc when they go back in without medical help…

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    My joints are all loose – I can half “pop” my right shoulder sitting here and I sprain ankles on a regular basis as well as having weird knees. Oh, and my jaw cracks when I yawn or open too wide ever since somebody headed my chin in a footy match (popped right back when I squealed).

    But, tempting fate, I’ve never broken a bone or really hurt myself and I think everything’s so loose that I’m a bit protected.

    My brother has a buggered shoulder due to multiple dislocations – including one longish delay in getting it back and one of my mates can’t pull up his socks and be sure he won’t do his again.

    err, so get some proper advice – you can have long-term problems


    Hi mate, I managed to dislocate shoulder and in doing so pull off he head of humerous whilst doing the road of death in bolivia, ended up with two metal pins and 6 months with no riding.
    My advice if you’re worried, see a consultant, it’s better to get the treatment now, then it keep happening and you be left with a permanent weakness.
    Also see gives some good advice.
    Any sign of pins and needles in the arm or hands or any any lack of mobility, then get treatment asap.
    Good luck.


    The first time I dislocated mine I couldn’t get up or do anything.I was in the most unbelievable pain.I damaged nerves so couldn’t move my hand much for a few weeks.Took about 9 months for the tingling to go , had physio for months too.I dislocated it again about a year and a half ago, this time it wasn’t as painful even though I’d broken my humerus as well.Luckily there was no nerve damage.They shortened some ligament or tendon during the first operation.Coming up to the anniversary of my last operation to have the plate out.It still hurts sometimes but can carry heavy stuff without too much trouble.
    You should get it checked out.

    loddrik – read this carefully and slowly…

    If you have dislocated your shoulder it will never be the same again.

    A hard pill to swallow eh? But fact.

    It maybe that it will not cause you much of a problem, but, i’d advise you get it looked at sooner rather than later.



    7 years later and mines still achy. every night is uncomfortable if I lie wrong. Works perfectly and no noticeable weakness, just very sore.


    Did mine 8 years ago. It then kept coming out and I had to keep putting it back myself. Ouch yer b*****d. Finally had surgery on it last July. Few months out of action but seems alright again now. Still hurts sometimes though. Go and get it looked at!!!!


    I have no tingling etc but it certainly looks like is gonna need hardcore physio, though I am a little concerned about long term problems


    yup subluxation
    Happened to me

    on each shoulder

    Yep me too!! 6 times now!!
    3 times put back under gas and air and 3 times I had to be knocked out under a general to get it back in!!

    After the 5th one I had an operation to tighten the muscles to stop it popping out again which 10 years it was fine then last year in July, I had a silly fall on the Qualifying track at Alp d’Huez and after an hour of no pain killers or pain relief the doctor lady decided to send me to hospital via helicopter and I had a nice little sleep and woke up with it back in!!
    Oh normally mine popped out forwards but the last time it went inwards!

    I am normally off with arm in sling for 6 weeks but this time with the help of a private physio I got out the sling and back to work after 4 weeks. Back riding now properly but started on the road bike and turbo trainer for a few weeks (about 2 months after the accident). I also swim to help build it back up.

    Premier Icon johnikgriff

    Did mine a long long time ago, I was about 11 or 12, now nearly 39. After what is getting on for 28 years, its still not quite as good as the other one. To be honest never notice it riding, but some of the strength at full extension is missing, noticeably above my head (Me “it hurts when I do this”… wife “so don’t do that then”). I think the time I notice it the most is when putting the bike on the roof of the car if I don’t hold it correct.

    Just realised this offers no help what so ever, but I’ve wrote it now.

    Good, luck loddrik, sure it’ll be fine


    Over three weeks now, seems to be getting worse rather than better now. Tried getting on bike the other day, absolutely no chance, ok in straight lines but when it came to turning, serious pain. Now feels like it wants to pop out without actually doing so. Have an appointment with physio tomorrow, very interested to see what they say.

    Bon Courage loddrik.


    My shoulder joint broke as it dislocated after falling 20m down a ravine in France. Everything popped back in nicely in it’s correct position so I didn’t need an op fortunately.

    I couldn’t lift my arm though and it is important to move them about without much resistance.

    I stood in the pool everyday, just floating my arms, then later making swimming motions until the strength comes back around the joint before taking on full swimming.

    Definitely speeded up my recovery.

    I feel your pain, believe me but don’t rush it.

    good luck

    done mine 20 years ago coming down a 40 ft descent in the dark (no lights) .showing my age there !

    still hurts like mad sometimes ,i would say work on the muscles around the joint to support it

    Dislocated both mine when young through various sports, motocross, bmx racing and football, they were both popping out for years but a couple of days of feeling tight and they were fine so I thought.

    Last May came off in Wharncliff on my own and my right shoulder came out and wouldn’t pop back in, got sorted at hospital but the x-ray showed damage to the ball and socket.

    Luckily in BUPA through work and got referred to David Potter at Thornbury Hospital, Sheffield who sorted me out by shaving a bone in another part of my shoulder and bolting this to my socket.

    What I am trying to say by waffling is don’t ignore it and if you are lucky enough to be in BUPA or live near Sheffield go and see David Potter, really nice guy and he has operated on most top uk cyclist and he will also recommend a great Physio Val Jones

    Do not make my mistake and he explained everytime it ‘pops’ out it is like a pick axe hitting you ball joint and socet



    4 times. Twice skiing, once falling off “The Cobbler” and once falling off a chair 😳

    The longer the rest you give it (i.e. several months) the better the chance of it healing properly and not becoming a recurring problem.

    If it does become a recurring problem then surgery is the only option – but it is usually quite successful.

    You should get medical advice about this.


    When i did mine the doctor told me to rest it for 4 weeks and gave me this sling to hold my shoulder in a certain position. think i left it about 6 before i rode the bike but even the slightest pothole i could feel pain in my shoulder.


    I did mine in bed, which was entertaining. Dont think I’ve ever known so much pain before or since. For a few weeks it was almost un-usable in certain locations, couldnt lift it above head etc, but its come back to action fine now – no problems. But I do exercise it through normal daily activities.

    Have done mine twice now, 1t time I was skiing & was 3 months before the physio would let me ride again. Thought it was at full strengh when it popped out again while holding a horse (long story) Physio again & been warned ‘when’ it happens again it’ll need surgery. Hospital both time to have it relocated. Get it looked at if I were you.
    Clunks & groans on a regular basis, which my missus hates, but can be quite funny!


    how the hell did you dislocate your shoulder in bed? second thoughts i don’t want to know!


    I dislocated & snapped the head off the humerus. Morphine was my friend. Got 75% range of movement back after 3.5 months with loads of physio. Back on the bike now, tho’.


    Like others have said – take it seriously. Do not push it – it will definitely happen again because it is now weak. I wish I’d listened when I did mine – ended up happening 20 times and then operated on. The operation (keyhole these days, butcher job 20 yrs ago for me) works by restricting movement – the recovery is very slow.

    Get advice and take it to the letter. Do not cycle unless you’re absolutely convinced its ok.

    Can confirm is bloody painful, although I have also separated my other shoulder (ruptured ac joint) and that hurts even more!


    I dislocated my shoulder 21 years ago, took a year before it was ok and it still gets very sore from time to time. It crack’s and grinds when I stretch, ultra sound from the physio is great, works a treat! Did my thumb on Friday, put it back myself strait away but I have damaged the tendons and ligaments and the hospital has strapped it all up to immobilise it, won’t be back on my bike for quite a long while. If you have not been to get it checked out properly and x-rayed yet then go do it! Sorry to say but It’s probably going to be sore for ages! πŸ™


    Did mine 6 weeks ago in Brechfa, basically off piste stuff, hit a tree, 25mph arm went one way body went the other. No pain, It went back in after 5 minutes, was due an MRI a few weeks ago. Can’t have an MRI due to metalwork in my ear so awaiting on Tuesday a CT scan under contrast and an USS to see what I have damaged. I’m suspecting a Labrum tear, though my Bicept and Deltoid muscles are weak.
    The thing with me I used to work in Trauma and Orthopaedics so lucky to knoe the consultants.
    The pain at night started 3-4 days after the injury and at times very very painful. Morphine, Co-Codamols and max strength Ibuprofen just about works…
    It has made me think about the way I ride, will try to ride the same way as I did. I have to think what if I were in a more remote part of the forest…with a #leg etc etc.
    Consider being off the bike for 6 weeks, see a Dr, though my neighbours son did it a few weeks before me and just used the road bike on the roller to keep fit-ish.


    wors – Member
    how the hell did you dislocate your shoulder in bed? second thoughts i don’t want to know!

    It shall remain a secret then πŸ˜†

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