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  • Ortlieb H’bar bag and cables
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    I’m eyeing up an Ortlieb handlebar bag  and am wondering how nice it plays with cables -this would be on MTB flat bars rather than drops. Any experience here?

    I’m hoping the attachment fixings allow it to drop below the cables. If not, is the alternative a harness bag?


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    The quick release fixing bracket used holds the bag forward of the handlebar by appox. 7cm so cables shouldn’t be an issue. I found that the bracket really wants to be fitted and left in situ as its a cable clamped by a bolt to hold it tight, if you keep taking it on & off the cable may deteriorate. Great bags & system, the new ones require that you buy the bracket separately. https://www.cyclestore.co.uk/ are good for a bargain. The Achilles heel of the Ortileb handle bar bag is fitting a front light, I use a be seen light on my fork leg with a stub, but in winter i’d need to use a seeing light on the handlebar which the bag doesn’t allow for, Ortileb make an bracket for this but it wobbles a lot with road vibration causing juddering of the light beam and I get glare off the bag top which kills my night vision.

    I have an Ortileb handle bar bag, i was eyeing up a https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/189-Handlebar-Bags/1301-BARLOADER which looks great but i think it would have interfered with my MTB style brake cables.

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    the new ones require that you buy the bracket separately.

    Hi, do you have a link to the extra bit that you need to go with this?

    I have a custom bar bag set up that only works on flat bars. I’ve been eying one of these for a while for the road bike. Very tempted, but knowing tredz it’s probably out of stock.


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    I love all my ortlieb gear but this review is rather disappointing


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    Salsa anything cradle. Expensive but the best front carrier on the market in my opinion.

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