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    "oneeyedwilly" still posts on here from time to time, albeit using a different account these days.
    i ride with him every now and then too. he's a decent enough chap.
    i'm not gonna tell you who he is though!


    I'd forgotten how good that Badger thread was.

    Toss away tossers.


    Chasealex where are you??? old Spunky…

    black man thread years back was funny,but got locked down dint it lukeb…

    Anyone know a 'Lee Anderson'?


    There was picture kicking around for a while that one of the Cannock Chase crowd had – Scruff, Snakebite? That had a young lad that also used the site who appeared to be in his jimjams.


    I loved the derek starship belly thread.
    I was properly laughing at that.

    deadlyhifi: just got round to reading that, brilliant! I salute you.


    The Carbon steerer troll was a classic from a few years back


    What I find mildly amusing is that in a whole 'seven degrees of seperation' type way… 'own him with some bombers' has seeped into mainstream culture..

    I've heard the phrase used well outside of any STW spheres of influence… and also had the displeasure of helping to see off an angry chav from the local pub… who had turned up to 'own someone with a set of bombers' by way of settling some feud or another..

    (in fact it was a set of unbranded oem forks from an apollo or something similar)


    We need to get Oneeyedwilly back again, to thank him. It's a classic phrase!


    how come im the only one that remembers the guy that was pretty new to the whole MTB thing.

    he bought a new cycle top and posted up a pic of himself in said top infront of a mirror in his house.

    the thread actually read "does this top look too tight on me" (or words to that effect)

    he took it on the chin mind when about 400 people replied taking the p*ss out of him

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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