Orange Seal not sealing at higher pressures, any ideas why?

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  • Orange Seal not sealing at higher pressures, any ideas why?
  • prezet

    So I’m running regular Orange Seal in my gravel/road bike with Schwalbe g-one TR tyres (about 60-80psi) and a DT tubeless rims etc. The past two days I’ve had small slices in my tyres happen, externally they’re about 8mm but internally to the carcass the hole is only 1-2mm wide.

    For some reason Orange Seal has been completely unable to seal these holes. When the punctures happen sealant just sprays out and makes no attempt to seal. Both times I’ve gotten home and put fresh sealant in – pump up to about 30-40psi which eventually holds, but then go to up the pressure (after a few hours of leaving it) to about 60psi and the seal breaks and sealant just pisses out.

    What are others experience of Orange Seal? It works great in my mountain bikes, but thinking it’s not really suited to use with higher pressures?

    I’ve not really found anything that works at road pressures.

    Currently using Orange as it’s the best of a bad lot. I’ve found it works up to around 80psi.

    Happy to hear of wonder fluid that will seal at greater pressure.



    This reminds me, I must try a composite of basic stans and beard clippings.

    From my MTB experiences, I imagine road pressures would indeed not seal too well.


    Guessing that is too big a hole at that pressure (a 2mm hole is fairly big for sealant isn’t it?) Can you fix the hole some other way rather than relying on sealant

    Premier Icon andybrad

    what thers have said. I find orangeseal to be very good on the mtb. But with all sealants its going to struggle at road pressures


    At that size of slit you should first glue in what’s called a worm and then the sealant will seal around the worm.

    Cycleclinics site might point you in the right direction.

    I’ve used orange endurance seal on a gravel bike in the past and find it far superior to Stans at road pressures.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    The lumpy Stan’s saved a ride that ordinary stuff (not orange) couldn’t, so I use that now. I either haven’t had a puncture since or else it’s great

    (worms/anchovies don’t hold all that well in very skinny road tyres either – I assume there’s just not enough carcass for them to hold on to)


    I’ve found the higher pressure stops it sealing until around 40psi. If you pump the tyre up it leaks and seals again at 40.

    I’ve just bought some glitter to try, see if it gives it some extra grip.

    Anyone found a solution?

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